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The Sorrows of Empire

The book The Sorrows of Empire: Militarism, Secrecy, and the End of the Republic was written by Chalmers Johnson. The book was written when the United States had suffered after the September 11th Terrorist attack in the American soil and led to hundreds of Americans losing their lives and hundreds wounded. The United States under the leadership of President George Bush and its allies such as the United Kingdom decided to attack Iraq and Afghanistan who were considered as sponsoring terrorism. The book conducts a study of the process the United States has undertaken over years especially in regards to their military buildup. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the United States all of a sudden became the sole superpower in the globe. After the terrorist Attack and the collapse of the Soviet Union, according to Chalmers Johnson the United States has transformed itself into some sort of World Empire.

In the book, he recall of the warning of the founding father such as George Washington during his farewell as he was handing over to President Dwight Eisenhower where militarization was denounced, George Washington renounced militarism.

Chalmers uncovered in the book the root of militarism in the American history and slowly turns to the present time. He paints the image of the everyday expansion of the American military bases and a large chain of other services that provide support to these bases. The book offers a clear view of the creation of some caste system in professional military men that have worked to infiltrate other government as well as a number of branches in the government. These individuals will classify anything that they are doing as being a secret. These individuals will affect the manipulation of the budget as part of these interests.

Chalmers had concluded that one of the effects of militarization in the United States is the introduction of an era that Introduces bankruptcy in the United States as well as well as end of globalization. The book suggests that the American republic had moved on to the empire and the pentagon is leading in the creation of the Empire. The book is a response to the questions that a lot of Americans are asking in regards to militarization of The United State, hot the nation got there and what the future hold for the United States.

To respond to this, Chalmers defines the birth of the American Empire to have taken place in 1898. Charmer provided a lot of not very pleasant answers from the viewpoint of military analyst from the leftist. But the intensity to create the empire increased after the end of the Second World War, with the onset of the cold war. The book is a great book and has a lot of clear and well constructed sentences that will appeal to all. The outlook of the writer and information provided can convince people to change their stands on the subject that he focuses on.

There is an element of optimism in the book when he wrote that the American Congress have the powers to turn the nation around from militarization.

The book can also be considered to be a source of historical as well as sociological information. Readers of the book will be be absorbed in the book as they enjoy the history. In the eighth chapter of the book, also referred to as the Iraq Wars, the United States had the powers to effect a no flying zone over Iraq even though it did not have the mandate from the United Nations. The United States arbitrary decision affected the sovereignty of a free people. Sanctions are raised on how this can happen and what really is the United States. Also in the chapter on Iraq some questions will be raised as to why George Bush Sr. did to decide to follow up on Saddam either by killing him or them heading for Baghdad. One can argue that the reason behind this was for the American government to set up military bases across the Middle East by claiming that they are threatening the rule in Iraq. 

Later, Chalmers in the book states that the American Empire is known for creation of military bases rather than occupying a certain territory. The book identified a number of Sorrows that exist in American empire. In p. 28, racism is identified as a serious sorrow. Racism in the American empire is for the American people to dominate other people militarily. Other ills include there being no internal democracy in the United States. Also the book defined the American empire as a nation where in most cases is at war. The government in the United States is also described as having created sorrow among the people with the truthfulness of the people having been destructed. Another sorrow for the American empire is it causing financial bankruptcy and suffering for the people.

Across the globe, the United States has a lot of military bases. Across the globe many nations have suffered as the United State spread democracy and Capitalism. The writer uses a simple language to put across his point of the ills of the continued militarization of the United States. There are listed a number of challenges that the cost of militarization is costing the citizens as well as the economy. The United States has to take its role in the International politics but respect its partners as is stated in the book.

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