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“The Scarlet Letter”

The first chosen paragraph: Hester is still hesitant and does not reason sensibly. Chillingworth takes the child in his arms and gives it medicine. The medicine starts working and the child slowly stops moaning. Like any other child who has been relieved from pain, it sinks into slumber. He then shifts his attention to the mother, feels her pulse and looks into his eyes with a gape that makes her tremble. The trembling comes as a result of cold and strange familiarity. Satisfied with the examination, he goes ahead and mixes another draught (Hawthorne, 1850, Segment IV, Paragraph10).

The second chosen paragraph: He says that we both have wronged one another and I was the first one to wrong you by lying to you with my false relation when you were a youth. Thus as a rational man, I seek no revenge since “the scale hangs fairly balanced” (Hawthorne, 1850, Segment IV, Paragraph 20). there is one man who has wronged both of them and who is this man?

Hester Prynne comes face to face with her husband for the first time after a very long time of disconnection. Chillingworth Roger, the husband is called, as a medical practitioner, to the prison where Hester with her child is held to give her medical support. Roger assures the jailer that he is capable of making Hester open to the authority. Roger administers the medicine first to the child and then to her (Paragraph 1-10). She has known him as a husband and an enemy and his gape makes her tremble and refuses to take the medicine at first thinking that Roger is using this as a cover to poison her. Roger assures her that he has no such intentions since he desires that she lives to see his vengeance. In that conversation, roger thinks himself as a man well able to take care of such a beautiful woman (Paragraph 1-10). He pleads with her to disclose the identity of her current lover. Hester refuses to tell him and he makes her swear that she too will tell no one that Roger was once her husband. If she dared speak it out, specifically to her lover, then he would surely revenge on him (Paragraph 28). He smiles as he leaves and Hester is troubled at his smiles thinking that he is a black man who has come to ruin her soul (Paragraph 33).

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