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"The Looming Tower"

The entire world is in a state of war. We are in the era of globalization where the stance on anything has an ultimate effect on the other thing as well. The main prospective of any book is to endow its readers regarding all the information related to something. The main prospective of this study is to do critical analysis on the book with the name of “LoomingTower” who has been written by Lawrence Wright. The book has molded the entire incident of 9/11 which was a brutal and outrageous attack of the terrorists on United States of America (USA). Although the attack was on the TradeTower but it infected US and other countries as well. We are suppose to do a critical analysis on the job done of the author, actually the point of view of the author is somewhat good and in some circumstances it is referred as bad. It is good in this sense that he used a number of evidence from the CIA and FBI regarding the terrorist activity but the thing which bought us in the state of jeopardy is that he directly underpinned the Muslim community without any concrete evidence. We are not saying that Osama Bin Laden was not involved in the attack, he might involved but how can Lawrence tell with confidence that Osama and other Muslims were involved in the attacks.

He directly pin pointed Muslim countries and referred them as the main cause of the terrorist attack. The countries on which he underpinned were Pakistan, Sudan, Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan. According to Lawrence all the terrorists who attacked on Trade tower were came from all the above mentioned Muslim countries, which was another statement without any concrete evidence. However his book was sold extensively as people are quite involve in the stance to know the exact cause of the attacks and its consequences.

Decision Theory and Marvelyn Brown “Smoke Signals”
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