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The Complexity of Being Human

The most intriguing thing I have learned from reading the book is the contrast between human beings and other animals in the nature. It is fascinating to discover that human beings, unlike other animals, have brain to make things for their survival. Individuals have the capacity to invent valuable solutions. They have power to start life where it has never existed and yet they cannot deal with common problems that affect them like racism and sexism. They do not enjoy life the way other animals do. Dogs, for instance live a life full of enjoyment. They happily play with others and sleep comfortably. It was extremely useful for me to learn how it is to be a human being. We have brain to make life better for other animals, but we fall into the ignominy of skin color and plunge ourselves in perpetual misery.

Being a human being is a complex phenomenon, it is often hard to understand human beings. Individuals are social beings by nature. They feel proud when others acknowledge them. They have that constant urge to stay with their family always. The biggest mystery as far as this issue is concerned is that human beings themselves are their own the worst enemies. They have made the society unbefitting to everyone because of their failure to confront pertinent issues that afflict their nature.

This story has challenged my outlook towards other creatures like dogs. Before I read this story, I firmly believed that human beings enjoy life because of their mental superiority and their versatile nature. Now I hold a different conviction as far human beings are concerned. After reading through the story I realized that other animals were happy and always lived at easy. As human beings, we have a number of problems to handle. I was extremely outraged when I discovered that most problems that continue to affect the society are caused by human beings. It is appealing to note, that most people think that when a problem does not affect them directly then it does not concern them at all. Another fact is that most people also enjoy when they are preferentially treated. It appears as if human beings enjoy when others suffer at their expense.

I concurred with the issues of racial discrepancies in the story. Minority races encounter many prejudices in the society. The dominant race has alienated other races to the periphery in the society. A person of color has to overcome a lot of challenges to prove themselves. The situation is much worse when it comes to state sponsored projects. It is common to find minority races, especially black Americans living in impoverished suburbs with limited social infrastructure. Everybody in the society understands the disparities which exist between blacks and whites in the United States. However, no one seems to wonder. Most people from dominant races do not appreciate the plight of the minority races.

I could not have learned anything constructive from the story if my background was different from what it was. Coming from the minority background and living in the society like the one I live in at the moment, it is only prudent that I appreciate some facts from the story. However, I do appreciate the fact that it would have been difficult for me to notice anything meaningful in the story if I came from a different background. Sometimes it is difficult for an individual to appreciate the disparities that exist in the society unless this one witnesses it fast hand. People realize that problem exists in the society after experiencing it.

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