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Spiritual Preparation for Leadership

In his book, Spiritual Preparation for Christian Leadership, Glenn Hinson (1999), applies his experience when he was a professor at the seminary and attempts to provide information on the necessity of being prepared spiritually for leadership. In the book, Glenn Hinson makes a suggestion of three practices that are necessary to sustain a relationship that is working with God. The threes practice are; an individual putting effort in listening as well as putting effort in spiritual reading. Another practice is the practice of solitude as well as silence. The final practice is developing a spiritual friendship with God as well as other people in the society who will provide support. In the book, Hinson provides with proper and practical guidelines that can be applied as well as examples that are of help to Christians, as Christian are called upon into being ministers in their respective churches as well as saints.

A program to convert one into a pastor is not enough for individual who aspire to be church leaders for them to be fully prepared into the ministry of the church. For the individuals who to are meant to undertake spiritual leadership, they need more than just the theological study to mature spiritually in issues of faith. The need to be a good listener is a virtue that is necessary for preparation into spiritual leadership. For one to be a great servant leader they need to listen more than the talk. When one listens to others he or she is able to receive more information and better understanding.

People are a wealth of information, this information they can express it either in talking or by writing it down. It is crucial for a person who wishes to develop into a great spiritual servant that he put a lot of effort in reading as well as listening to this wealth of information. God uses people to pass his message and thus the message from God will be received by reading his word and listening to others talk of spiritual matter. During the early church in the book of Acts of Apostles, the early church was governed by the word of God. They used the word which assisted them to contemplate more on the dipper understanding of God. They lived together and were in constant fellowship with other worshipers. This issues are important as part of the discipline of faith. Reading the word of God and other spiritual material provides us with better knowledge and purpose of God in our lives. Fellowshipping with others means listening to others as they educate more on spiritual matters.

No body is a source of everything we are created so that we can be interdependent, there is an idea that everyone can provide. Good leadership will entail to listening to all thus increasing in the religious knowledge and leadership. Serious study of the spiritual material is important in the revelation of God and how he can work in us to provide leadership to others. Christian leaders or those who aspire to be must ready to listen to the wisdom of God as well as read on as this is crucial in assisting in contemplating about God. Contemplating on God is more on listening than is by praying, it will require one to consciously decide to read and listen on God. It will be on listening to others so that as leaders we can address to their needs (Fryling, 2003). Servant leadership will require one to have a better understanding of the people one is leading, to achieve this one has to listen to the people as well as read more in seeking solutions to the problems. 

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