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Sam Spade

Maltese falcon is an entertaining piece of work that also exhibits signs of a well thought out plot. The book presents a mixture of romance, thriller and mystery. The novel introduces Sam Spade as a detective who is engaged in the search of the falcon that had been created by the emperor. The detective is caught up in the conspiracy and betrayals. This he has to look beyond and strive to accomplish his role. My view is that the characters of the work are well informed and familiar with their roles. Sam is portrayed as a tough person by his use of slang. The use of slang in the novel is intended to bring out his tough character as part of the street gangsters.. The slang does not hinder the understanding of the novel due to my familiarity with the film. However, the novel, just like the film, leaves the reader with a bitter taste.

Hammett’s writing style can be regarded as hardboiled due to the fact, that he uses phrases that tend to leave the reader anxious to know what happens next. It leaves one wondering if the writer will eventually reveal the content that, he leaves out. It can also be referred to as hardboiled because he presents Sam as a perpetrator of the crimes for which he is investigating. Sexual relationships are used to advance the story as this brings out the destructive traits of the main character.

Hammett deviates from the traditional detective fiction by presenting the detective as part of the crime under investigation. This is as opposed to other films that present the detective as an alien to the crime but one who is expected to solve the crime. He does not openly reveal the moral traits of the detective. His moral trait is revealed as the plot progresses. One of these instances is Sam’s attempt to explain himself to O’Shaughnessy. 

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