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Martin Luther King Junior

It has been several decades since Martin Luther King Junior passed on. However, there are lots of inspirations that the modern world population can draw from his speeches. Among his speeches that he had delivered as a man of God and a leader of the Civil Rights movements, there is the I Have a Dream speech. The speech is full of wisdom and voice of advocacy to the challenge of the racial segregation in America in his days. Martin Luther lived at a time when the rights of the African Americans and other minority groups were abused in the economic, social and political fronts. Another outstanding theme of the speech delivered by Martin Luther was the author and the speaker that foreshadowed an era where people from different races would join hands and fight for equal opportunities. Martin Luther’s speech is still popular in the modern world given its relevance and the fact that his dream has been achieved in the political front. In addition, the fight against the racial segregation is a success if compared to the time Martin Luther delivered his speech. This essay is a reflection on the I Have a Dream speech in the modern society (Gogerly).   

After several years when Martin Luther delivered his speech to liberate the suffering of the African Americans, the speech remained relevant in the society given the state of affairs of the United States with regard to the current milestones, controversies, and adversities. I have realized that many things have changed and I am surprised, angry and happy, assertive, and perplexed. The greatest challenge is that I ask myself whether the presence of Martin Luther in the world today would have made any difference in America. Like Martin Luther said that a man’s ultimate success was not measured at time of comfort and convenience but rather at times of great challenges and controversy, I must have applauded the achievement of a new generation. The surprise; however, lies in the way the cultural lifestyles of Americans and the global community has shifted. We can’t afford to give up the fight amidst these challenges, sitting back and doing nothing.

Many years ago one of the most celebrated American leaders; Abraham Lincoln, went down into history books by signing the Emancipation of Proclamation in January 1863 that would put the end to slavery and oppression of the blacks in America. Over the years, the black man has continued facing racial injustices; a default to the sacred obligation of the decree. My greatest appreciation goes to the Americans: Whites, African-Americans, the Hispanics, Red Indians, and everyone else for overcoming the dark and desolate era of segregation to bring the real change in the United States. The election of Barrack Obama as the 44th president of the US is a milestone for the American people, especially for the minority groups. Today a black man can vote in his/her choice of a leader unlike the times when the Negroes in Mississippi could not exercise their right to vote a fellow black man. It is not a mean achievement for President Obama to have won the 2008 elections against the Republican ex-service man John McCain. President Obama’s ability was not judged for his color of skin, humble background, or age but his ability to deliver Americans from the current problems facing the country. His track records spoke as a potential leader to deliver the Americans and it is on those bases that he was judged. How do I wish that Abraham Lincoln would resurrect today?

The narrowing racial segregation gap is not just demonstrated by the single election of Barrack Obama. The African American society has excelled in many fronts. Today I note many state appointments within and without the American territory. I am also obliged to share my pleasure for the success of African Americans and other minorities’ sportsmen and women like the golf ace Tiger Woods, the William sisters among other great achievers. The success of Oprah Winfrey as an African American woman has demonstrated the ability of women amidst the dominance of most sectors by men and the majority of white society. Without love and strong characters from both the minority and majority groups in our society, this could not have been possible. I totally understand why reverend Jesse Jackson’s tears rolled down his cheeks on the pronouncement of victory of President Obama. He was a victim of segregation and I think he was convinced that this was a dawn of new era. Social injustices and discrimination may not have been totally stumped out of American land but somehow one day the moment will arrive. I am somewhat convinced that Martin Luther’s dream has seen the light of the day. I am amazed by the sort of inspiration my I Have a Dream speech has drawn not only to the American people but the world at large, and such is the power of visionary leadership. America has become a world super power, the hub of political democracy, economic giant, sportsmen/women supremacy, and pragmatic leaders to propel the continued journey to peaceful America.

Luther’s speech delivered the years back at the Riverside Church about the approach of the American government in Vietnam War is also relevant in the modern society. He was opposed to the art of war in settling or resolving disputes. It beats logics to use weapons in wars that leave the majority of innocent civilians either dead or maimed in issues that do not concern them. Gun shorts do not solve disputes. Diplomacy and other non-violent actions such as the dialogue offer comprehensive mechanism of addressing the political, economic, and social differences in the society. Do we have to kill innocent people in God’s name? The terrorist acts like the 9/11 attack by the Al Qaeda under Bin Laden’s leadership are perplexing. The declaration of the US administration, the ‘war on terror’ and the subsequent war in Afghanistan and Iraq are not a solution to social problems. The Al Qaeda and Taliban might have been oppressed by our government actions; the US government takes the measures to protect the American interests and well being of their citizens; but where do such actions leave us? The American servicemen at the warfront continue to face hardships, and at time perish in the never ending wars.

Look at the state of devastation of their families and friends back home. It is hard to stand the continued pain of waiting for the fellow brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers to return home unhurt after a period in war. The true meaning of dialogue is to hear the enemy’s voice of argument against the nation’s views in a bid to reach a compromise that leaves everybody satisfied. In this way, we can assess ourselves against others and see our own weaknesses from our opponents’ view points. The wars must stop if we have to live the spirit of Martin Luther King. We have never learnt from the consequences of Vietnam War, and there is the need to appeal to the disillusioned Americans, Asians, Africans, Indians, and others affected by constant wars. Governments must take some initiatives to advocate for the non-violent conflict resolution. World leaders under the United Nations charter can negotiate with the terrorists to find the real solutions to the issues affecting the society.

The world has changed so much due to technological advances. I have really been challenged by the development of the information sector: mobile phones telephony, computer, and internet that have resulted to the increased level of the material success. The world is now flatter thanks to globalization and the increased level of international diplomacy. On the other end, I really blame technology based on the advancement of weaponry and the threat to our environment. The development of weapons of mass destruction like the nuclear weapons is tantamount to the complete extinction of human beings and other living creatures. I thank the US government for the liaison with other countries and the United Nations for their continued efforts of protecting the world through putting pressure at Iran and North Korea to quit their nuclear weapon ambitions. Though the nations have strongly denied dealing in any form of the alleged nuclear plans, nothing should be left to chances as the life of the whole planet is at stake here. North Korea has given an indication of bowing to the pressure and allows the inspection of their firms. I still advocate for a continued dialogue with the countries until that time the world will ascertain, for sure, that the world is safe from nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction.   

Martin Luther King would have celebrated his 46th anniversary after winning the Nobel Peace Prize with yet another milestone; the President Obama is receiving the same award at a time Americans have made a significant achievement in fighting the racial segregation. As a man of God, Martin Luther believed that any dream held in a righteous way would definitely be realized in the end. His Nobel Peace Prize was won on behalf of Civil Rights movements that brought more killings at the time. A number of people lost their lives fighting for the rights of civilians; for instance, the murder of youths and torching of 40 houses in Philadelphia, Mississippi. Martin Luther’s Peace Prize was won at a time of war (Gogerly). There is a striking similarity between his Nobel Peace Prize and that of the President Obama. The president was presented with the same prize at a time he ordered more troops to be sent to Iraq, the condition in Afghanistan as a nation not withstanding. There is an irony in their Nobel peace prizes. The President Obama’s administration faces a lot of economic challenges that have weakened not only the American economy, but also other major world economies. The president must dedicate the country’s policy of the complete withdrawal of our soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. In addition, the international peace will be achieved at that time when climate talks will have borne fruits in the fight against the greenhouse gas emission into the atmosphere. The world must reverse the adverse effects humankind caused on the environment. These are the challenges the President Obama has to dedicate the the Nobel Peace Prize too; just like Luther dedicated his to those who perished in Philadelphia. The prize should be his new inspiration to dedicate his service to humanity given the modern challenges faced in the United States and the global sphere.

I couldn’t leave my desk today without noting this era of the HIV/AIDS and the devastation it has caused the world. I don’t clearly understand the origin of this deadly disease given the many versions of answers that I have got. Since the inception of the disease, our researchers have not found its cure; yet the disease continues to spread in all corners of the world. I appreciate though the dedications of researchers who came up with some antiretroviral drugs that have helped to reduce the adverse effects of the disease to human beings alongside with the life span extension of the HIV/AIDS victims. The measure by the American administration to block HIV positive immigrants from entering our land was discriminatory but I once more hail the efforts of the President Obama to review this unethical measure as per his promise prior the elections that have brought him to office.

This review depicts the work and speech of Martin Luther called I Have a Dream as a great writer. The themes covered by Martin Luther are not only relevant in his days but also in the modern society. He encouraged the minorities to rise above the social issues affecting them and being the part of the solution. The racial discrimination in America is not as adverse at it had been at his time but the society still faces some challenges in addressing these issues. The height of Martin Luther’s speech, however, is an achievement of the president Obama that who has become the first African American president in the American history.

Young Goodman Brown Ryan Boudinot
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