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Malcolm Potts

Hinduism rates abortion as a crime similar to incest and murder. However Hinduism accepts termination of pregnancy if it is harmful to the mother. The authors explore the clinical view of abortion, citing that it is still not well developed. They portray the reasons why induced abortion is viewed as unique among medical procedures. The first reason is that induced abortion involves two genetically diverse individuals, one of which is undergoing body development and the other mature and of social status. The second reason is that the mother is normally psychologically and physically fit while choosing that procedure and the doctor has no say in the decision. He or she can only accept or refuse to perform the procedure. The book also outlines how doctors can estimate the types of abortions. This, the authors note is, however, difficult and suggest that certain clues can be useful. Couples who have not been using contraceptives for long are pointers to induced abortion. On the other hand, couples who discontinue contraceptive use to get a baby points to spontaneous abortions.The jurists have stated that it is permissible to take medicine for abortion so long as the embryo is still unformed in human shape. The period of this unformed shape is given as 120 days. The jurists think that during this period the embryo or fetus is not yet a human being. (8).Abortion is a book written by Malcolm Potts, Peter Diggory and John Peel. The three authors define abortion as the “loss of a pregnancy before the fetus or fetuses are potentially capable of life independent of the mother” (Potts, Diggory & Peel 1).          

They estimate that the period of abortion may extend to the first two thirds of the pregnancy especially in mammals. The Three authors note that abortion may either be induced or natural. They explain the attitudes of different people on the issue of abortion. For instance, the Orthodox Church and the Roman church condemn abortion. Protestants also condemn abortion and consider it unethical and inhumane. The Muslims on the other hand have varied opinion about it. They cite the Grand Mufti of Jordan in 1964. It wrote that

The book gives a highlight of the causes of spontaneous abortions. It lists infections of the mother or abnormalities of the fetus and emotional shock such as news about death of a loved one or marital infidelity of one’s partner as causes of spontaneous abortions. The authors note that the prevalence of spontaneous abortion is high in the younger women compared to the older ones. In spontaneous abortions, the authors make it known that the fetuses normally have been dead for some time. According to the book, there are legal and illegal induced abortions. An example of legal abortion occurred in The USSR where abortion was permitted legally for any woman who requested for it (65).           However, this law was revoked in 1936. It is indicated that other incidences of legal abortion occurred in Yugoslavia where it was legalized because of medical reasons. Illegal induced abortions are those performed in states that have not legalized abortion. The authors also outline the Abortion Act in Britain, illegal abortionists and the general perception of abortion in America.


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