How Boys Become Men

How Boys Become Men was written by Jon Katz giving a positive statement on how boys are still growing and have not changed. The development of boys into men is a process that is mostly influenced by both nature and the general environment in which the child is brought up.  The boy that is expected to become man should be fearless and are not allowed to show weakness and emotions. The main objective of this paper is to analyze the author’s arguments about challenges that boys face in order to overcome, as well as the rules they are expected to adhere to if they want to become men.

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The boys do not always require parents or an elderly person to instruct them on each step or rule to be followed as they grow to become men. The author explains that boys hear and internalize the messages that challenging them to be strong, courageous and other values which they unconsciously go ahead to practice them. He illustrates this view with the help of the story of a boy who is teased as ‘chicken’ by another friend continuously ducking from being hit with a books’ bag being swung by the friend. Pained by the abuse boys stop ducking and the bags hit him on the side of his face and throws him on the ground. The boy rises up and proudly declares that he is not ‘chicken’ for he chose to face pain instead of cowardice by standing on the way of the swinging bag. This hardly happens in the case of girls.

The arguments put forward by the author are real facts since they are drawn from the personal experience, especially on the difference between boys and girls and how they express their feelings. Also, the code of conduct he outlines for boys that are meant to prepare them for adulthood is very different from that for girls. However, the author is bias of the contribution of natural qualities possessed by the boy on his development to become men.

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The journey of becoming men is full of challenges, but also there are a lot of rewards. It begins so early in childhood even when they are not yet aware of the difference between boys and men through the messages they continuously receive from the people around them. They also learn much to become men through the confrontations and games in which they normally have to prove their strength and courage. There are strict rules which they have to follow in order to achieve all these. This is completely different with girls.

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