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Half The Sky

This book Half the Sky basically outlines the different types of oppression or rather repression that women countenance all through the globe nowadays, and how these oppressions can be revolved into opportunities for all the women living around the globe - particularly in the developing nations. Kristof who co-authored the book with his wife WuDunn goes further and include tales of particular women all over the planet who have tolerated atrocious repression. For instance, some of these women have been taken hostage and enforced to toil in brothels, others have been beaten and mistreated by their respective husbands and adversely not permitted to depart the home without their authorization, and moreover, other women have had undergone female genital mutilation. The author goes further to show how every one of these affected women has been capable to change their condition around through the assistance of the author or through the aid of others. Both authors put down three initiatives which they suppose would elevate these issues affecting women globally superior on the memo of intercontinental affairs. On the final part of the book, they offer detailed suggestions on what everyone can do so as to help, together with a segment highlighting the four treads one can seize in approximately the next 10 minutes (Nussbaum).

There are several projects and initiatives pointed out by the author which have extensively made a spectacular difference. The general thread behind these projects is that they all have fundamentally the grassroots picture with local possession or rather they are locally owned by the communities in a particular region, sometimes similar to religious or social movements extra than customary aid projects. Over and over again these suffering women have been boosted by outstandingly brilliant and driven communal entrepreneurs who mainly had came across the treetops endeavors and customized them to generate far more efficient base up models. This actually indicates a critical way onward for a fresh worldwide movement centering on women in all the developing countries (Leahy). 

Kristof as the author of the book Half the Sky has astoundingly achieved handling such intense and complex issues of the community specifically affecting women in quite a remarkable approach devoid of biasness and more so being balanced. He is expansively courteous of the numerous cultures he describes together with his co-author without even sacrificing the necessity of the prevailing situation or rather the condition at hand. For instance he writes on the stands of the Westerners together with their criticism against female genital mutilation and foot binding and on whether their position reveals cultural imperialism. It shows a possibility to the argument but relatively it’s the right choice to make as we all suppose resolutely in certain core values, like the concept of equality of every human being in spite of his/her gender, color, and therefore no one ought to be frightened to firmly stand up in favor of them.  In essence, it would definitely be incompetent to defer to genital mutilation, honor killing, foot-binding, torture, or slavery, merely for the reason that we consider it as respecting other cultures or faiths. A major lesson passed across by China is that everyone needs not agree to that inequity is a stubborn element of whichever society. Actually, if customs were unchallengeable, the China nation would up to now be impecunious and Sheryl probably would be hesitant down on 3 inch feet (Pilkington). 

The book generally doesn’t irritate men similar to numerous books regarding women's universal rights frequently do, while concurrently not sacrificing the logic of misogyny and brutality that does transpire in various regions of the globe. One and the same time its seen that the author gives similar time to all the liberal and conventional viewpoints, coupled with dialogues in favor of and also against each approach. Moreover, the authors are seemingly careful to moderately symbolize even the mainly controversial doings, for instance, akin to female genital mutilation, which is measured as an important and enviable ceremony of passage to the girls in the African continent. They in addition don’t venture a Western viewpoint on the overall condition of the rest of the globe. Seemingly the authors are seen to go to the extent of allowing all the women from each culture to have their personal voice (In 'Half the Sky).

This concept is revealed where the Westerners are for instance noted to feel sympathetic to the Muslim women in terms of the issues they pass through even to a way of leaving them angry and even uncomfortable. In the book, Kristof asked a certain group of women Saudi nurses and doctors in Riyadh concerning the issue of women's rights, but instead of responding diplomatically or rather diligently they went further to scorn and pound him with questions regarding why they see the Muslim ladies as being repressed. They seemed to ask the point behind foreigners asking always about the Muslim women’s’ clothing and even another lady nurse went further to ask why it mattered to Westerners on what kind of clothing their wear (Nussbaum).

They pointed out the meaninglessness of the argument as there were actually many issues facing the world and they wondered why clothing was one of them. This reveals even though the author feels the guilty to assist the needy and oppressed women in the society, much need to be done and the issue of culture is predominantly a key factor to consider while carrying out such aid endeavors.  No matter how people may see or rather judge out that certain set of society is treating women unfairly and oppressing them in one way or another, there has to be critical considerations before deciding the next move as some societies see their practices to be right and infringing them would at times be fatal as they see it as interfering with their ethical customs (Pilkington).

Half the Sky, book generally offers an inspiring as well as a refreshing perspective towards an ancient dilemma majorly touching the women all across the world. It’s creates an expansive space for cooperation, awareness, as well as innovation to comprehensively finish its undertaking of truly turning repression into opportunity. The book furthermore asserts that unbolting the impending potential of the oppressed women all over the globe is the mainly promising strength for bring about change in the society together with the world as a whole. Complementing this influential theme are fundamentally the attributed women from each corner of the world whereby lots of whom have devoted their entire lives to humanizing and also improving the living conditions for other women born into similar unfortunate conditions as themselves.

Kristof comes to discover that majority of the reasonable solutions to and liberation from gender related oppression and violence comes from the courageous dealings and activities of women who seemingly have undergone the repressions of an underprivileged environment. In spite of the heartbreaking nature associated with such like books which reveal the deep rooted transgressions done on women, readers are yet left after all with a logic of optimism. Everyone sees the obstinacy of all these women to conquer hardships, give refuge, and mainly important, to generate opportunities for every woman out there experiencing such like issues in the society (In 'Half the Sky).


Through such like stories, Kristof together with WuDunn assist the people to discover the means to economic growth lies in setting free of the women’s potential. The authors make apparent how so numerous people have aided to do exactly that, and practically how everyone can do his\her part in ensuring that everything is achieved. All through a great deal of the planet, the utmost unexploited fiscal resource is really the female section of the entire world population. Nations like China apparently have flourished specifically because they liberated women and moreover brought them all into the recognized economy. Setting free all the women globally is actually not the only the correct endeavor to undertake; it’s as well the superlative approach for combating poverty. All the above approaches really make the book likable and since numerous Latin American countries are somehow behind in terms of economy development and even letting the women have also a share of the national cake, the book will specifically enlighten everyone right from the top hierarchies to the common person on the streets. The countries ought to notice that all the women problems are marginalized and they basically are humanitarian concerns which need to be addressed properly so that the women are empowered to drive and boost the economy as the men are doing. 

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