What does Judy Jones Represent or Symbolize for Dexter in Fitzgerald’s “Winter Dreams”?

Written by Scott Fitzgerald, Winter Wreams tell the story of an ambitious teenager who aspires to become rich despite his humble roots. Being a teenager, Dexter meets Judy Jones, a spoilt eleven-year-old that instigates him and hands in his notice at the golf club (Fitzgerald). Coming from a humble background and yearning to join the upper class, Dexter is impressed by Judy Jones.

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Therefore, to Dexter, Judy Jones symbolizes an object of affluence. Since she belongs to the upper class, Dexter believes that by working his way up and winning Judy’s love, he will finally live a happy life. Despite the fact that Judy is alienated from reality as seen when she bluntly tells Dexter that she is running away from her lover because he is not financially stable, Dexter is not able to visualize that Judy is far from reality. As an object of affluence, Judy fails to emotionally satisfy Dexter, something that disappoints Dexter as well as makes him realize that his tireless efforts to transcend middle class inertia, getting money and associating with rich women, cannot bring him happiness that he yearned for.

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