The novel Ecotopia by Ernest Callenbach, focuses on creation of an ecologically sustainable environment. Callenbach offers the reader an in depth practical vision of a self-sustainable future society, from the human point of view. The novel captures the readers mind by offering a new look to the degrading social and natural environment. The reader learns about Callenbach’s preferred lifestyle, which celebrates gender roles, promotes sexual freedom and racial separation, while discouraging monogamy Callenbach prefers participatory sports, mock warfare and local arts to mass spectator sports.Ocotopia’s philosophy is based on strong ideology of existence in a balanced natural environment. The philosophy emphasizes on the on the model of stable state in which nothing produced should negatively impact the b the well being of nature. This philosophy is replicated in all aspects of line from personal to sports (Callenbach, 35).

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Ecotopia makes use of the most advanced newest technology that enhances the environment to remain as green as possible.  The society makes use of advanced technologies like solar energy to enhance an eco friendly modern living. As a result, sports that encourage use of bow and arrow are encouraged (Callenbach, 149). The Ecotopian concept of sport revolves on personal participation and they are solely for enjoyment and body fitness.  According to Callenbach, Ecotopia discourages practice of American sports such as basketball, ice hockey, football and baseball. On the other hand, individual sports such as skiing, running, rock climbing, swimming; diving and water sports are highly encouraged. Despite the freezing cold waters, water parks attract a high number of young people (39). Ecotopian young men participate in “war games” that often result in injuries.  Ecotopians walk or ride to their destination, this coupled with a high level of sporting, creates an eco friendly environment full of healthy people.

My favorite sport in Ecotopia is rock climbing. Rock climbing is an intriguing and challenging sport played in nature. Rocks are majorly found in beautiful scenic environment and participating or watching rock climbing will fit in the Ecotopian ideologies of participatory sporting for fitness and healthy lifestyle. Rock climbing is a natural sports that does not interfere with the natural ecosystem, therefore maintain the desired eco friendly. The Ecotopian environment is nature friendly as water flows freely and the temperatures are not very severe. Therefore, fatigue from rock climbing is quickly quenched by taking a dive in the cool waters. Ecotopia is highly concerned by the dreading natural environment; as a result, rock climbing will be a suitable sport, as it does not interfere with nature.

Sports in Ecotopia is not “bread and circuses”.Sports in Ecotopia are a lifestyle because their main function is not for appeasement or public approval. People of Ecotopia participate in sports as a way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle while preserving the environment .  Sports are practiced for both leisure and fitness in Ecotopia, as a result, sports that encourage political manipulation and gatherings are not encouraged. Participatory sports are a lifestyle in Ecotopia and the citizen are accustomed to the healthy sporty life in an eco friendly environment. Umberto Eco states that sports are mainly used for political manipulation. The people of Ecotopia are able to deals with sports problems because sports are mainly practiced for personal gain. As a result,  politicians and other chatterers are not able to manipulate personal desire for sports. Eco states that “sports chatter” are an endless chatter about what was done or was not done during the game.

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“Sports hatter” is an endless list on error committed by players, referees and coaches. The author asserts that discussions and endless talk about what should have happened before games or after games is retrogressive to the development of a health sports nation. Instead of the chatter, the author would see more energy put into correcting the possible mistakes in future so that the players learn from the previous mistakes to makes necessary changes (Tatz 1). Criticism is highly discredited as the cause of the failure of the nation to grasp the economic value attached to the games. Equally, the author notices that the advert of technology encourages the develop of the games chatter from a technological perspective. Former mistakes committed by coaches and encouraged games chatter were easily rectified using the new technology gadgets that record events at higher speeds to aid the coach’s eye in making decisions during the games. Therefore, the game chatter shifted from a blame talk on referees and shifter to coaches and blame on players and participants who miss opportunities.In conclusion, Ecotopia is an ecologically sustainable environment, whose inhabitants prefer participatory sports to spectator sports. Ecotopian ideology to enhance a nature friendly environment is manifested in its preference of nature friendly sports such as skiing, running, rock climbing, swimming; diving and water sports. Ecotopian sport life does not encourage sport chatter manifested by other nations. This is because Ecotopian culture advocates for sports as a way of maintaining health and fitness and not for competition reasons.

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