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Decision Theory and Marvelyn Brown

If we take a look at the life of Marvelyn Brown this theory best presents her. She has a rational personality even after her diagnosis of HIV Positive. At first after she felt so aggressive, but latterly she knows that this is her destiny and the nature gave her a living opportunity to take a deep account towards this diagnostic disease. After all she has been through, she has engaged herself in different social and communal activities. She recently launched her which motto is “Get Tested, Get Educated and Be Responsible”. She stopped her disease, and now she is the CEO and Independent HIV consultant at Marvelous Connections (Stanley, 2004).

The relation between the decision theory and human behavior is presented above, but if we precisely make the relation of decision theory and Marvelyn, we can figure out change of her behavior with the decision theory. She has a rational personality and tried to make the decision to work for a noble cause and spread awareness about the HIV sting persons. She is deliberate in her and found a reward in 2007 like Emmy Award for International AIDS Activist. She is profound about HIV affected people and have great feeling to give these people a way to live and found some ways, which can be seen from different blogs and different activities of Marvelyn Brown..

Critical Assessment Of The Reading: In this revealing journal, Marvelyn describes the children life, extensive of regrets and repetition, in her homeland of Nashville, Tennessee. She repeats the same, destructive patterns in through for darling that eludes her. She lacks guidance, motivation and is barely receiving by in the train.

After her disease diagnosis, Marvelyn comes close to bountiful up, but a near-calamity saves her life. So, instead of moping and leave the fault sport, she gets the eventful forecast for the hope and seeking answers. How much does she truly understand HIV? How does she feel about the young man who infected her?

Despite fear of being an outsider and a fiasco, Marvelyn goes shared with her torture. The disease that no one needs to language about becomes her platform; and applause is accompanied by occasional revulsion transmit and shared putdowns (Heffernan, 2006). One humiliating skirmish at the nightspot knocks her off her feet at first, but eventually this harsh confrontation, like many others, makes her a little stronger.

Most inspiring is her constrain and obstinacy to first segment with the public, and now readers, a worthy example on natural-esteem and survival. Marvelyn, gorgeous and a crisp tone in literature, gathers the pieces of her messy life and puts them back together again, gradually, example by model.

From the above facts and findings and given theory it can be accounted for that Marvelyn has the main character in this story, as she has presented the main role in the book The Naked Truth Young, Beautiful, and (HIV) Positive, if we look at the overall condition of Marvelyn (Rieskamp, 2006). She was underrated from her early childhood, when her parents were separated.

Conclusions & Recommendations: The stance which we can derive from the story is that the family relations are very influential in building children psychology and behaviors. Children like Marvelyn got many mental and psychological problems from their adolescent period. And latterly these dilemmas got worst conditions in their life. Though the AIDS of Marvelyn were from her own relationship outcome, but if her family paid any attention towards her, so might be this wouldn’t be happened. Most of the families in this modern era are running under same circumstances and children are getting worst outcomes from these situations.

The moral and ethical values are not looking after in most of the families today. We should think about this issue. On the other hand, as Marvelyn spreads a message of “Get Tested, Get Educated and Be Responsible” for HIV Positive patients, we should also take this stanza in the life of any patient around us.

"The Naked Truth Young" "The Looming Tower"
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