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Children Literature Teaching

This book the “Crow Boy” can be used by teachers all over the world to teach the social skills that enhance communication and socialization among people. It should be noted that these skills differ from one culture to another. The book is written from a Jamaican cultural point of view where the young boy “chibi” faces rejection. He is given the name by his mates due to his small size.

Social skills include the non-verbal or the verbal communication. Usually, this approach determines the way other people think about someone. This is what makes people to promote a person in the workplace; one can be found worth a certain position, or consider another person as a potential friend or mate. The social ineptitude of chibi made the majority in the classroom hate him because they could not understand his inability in the social elements usage which would make him a perfect communicator.

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Children who are able to resolve their own issues as well as disputes among the other children are usually well informed about or taught the social skills to deal with people. The character of teacher Isobe in this story symbolizes the teachers, parent and guardians who are supposed to take the responsibility to study and analyze each child’s interest and discover their potentials and capabilities (Mclntyre, 2003).

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It is important for teachers as well as students to know the standard information under the “Texas essential knowledge and skill” organization [T.E.A] in order to practice them. TEA statement is well-developed to give the students the academic readiness and offer the federal requirement, which is mandated also in this story book. Its role is to make sure all students, just like chibi, achieve the aim. Those with disabilities are identified and given special attention while schooling. The TEA website gives room for expansion by allowing new updates and revision (Texas Education Agency, 2011).

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