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Even a hundred years ago, it was difficult to imagine that women would become one of the major forces of worldwide marketing. Nevertheless, it is the vivid peculiarity of modern time as females control two-thirds of the nation's disposable income and make 88 percent of the retail purchases in America (Kanner 32). According to it, many firms, companies and shops organize their activity in a way to appeal to them. However, there remains a question – “Should special books or manuals be published to help them to achieve this goal?” The answer is only one – “yes, definitely.” One of such examples is Read Kanner’s Pocketbook Power: How to Reach the Hearts and Minds of Today'sMost Coveted Consumers - Women. It is the significant complement to the traditional marketing educational resources, which concentrates attention to actual problems and helps to solve not peculiar for mandatory marketing textbooks issues.

In general, the book Pocketbook Power: How to Reach the Hearts and Minds of Today's Most Coveted Consumers - Women can be divided into two big sections. The first one reveals the role of women in modern marketing and analyzes their impact on various industries. It consists of arguments, results of researches, and statistics. Consequently, it can be generally defined as the section of the theoretical analysis. It creates a basis for the second practical section of the book. It is dedicated to campaigns and a kind of marketing, which appeal to women. This section reveals the practical pieces of advice, which are necessary to follow on the worldwide market to become successful.

In both sections of the book Pocketbook Power: How to Reach the Hearts and Minds of Today's Most Coveted Consumers - Women, Read Kanner reveals a great variety of themes and issues. In the first one, the main theme is the influence of women on the worldwide market. It can be divided into the following subthemes:
The development of women – oriented market.
The author analyzes historical events which have contributed to increase the role of woman on the market.
The modern peculiarities of women – oriented market.
The author presents the current influence of female buyers on the market. The author points out that they are responsible not only for buying but also for controlling and creating the main principles of the worldwide market. All arguments are proved with concrete facts. The author states that women buy 53 percent of all stocks; 51 percent of all sports equipment; 63 percent of all personal computers; 47 percent of all hardware and home improvement materials; 85 percent of all toilet tissue; 90 percent of all greeting cards” (Kanner 125).

The present situation in the industries, influenced by the increase of women on the market.
Read Kanner points out the impact of female buyers on concrete industries and analyzes the changes of them.
In the second section, the main theme is experience gained by marketing and advertising executives on women – oriented market.

It is revealed with the help of the separate subthemes:
Techniques which can attract women and spur them on to buy different products.
The author describes strategies, which are necessary to use to make the advertisement alluring for women.
Peculiarities of women’s behavior on the market in different industries.
The author reveals successful approaches implemented in the market to reach women consumers of apparel, health care, financial services, technology, etc.
Achievements of marketing and advertising executives on women oriented market.
The author presents the most successful and failing women-oriented campaigns of all times, which should be taken into consideration to operate on the modern market.

The analysis of structural and thematic peculiarities of the book helps to define that this source contains information, which is quite different from the one, presented in traditional textbooks. According to it, the main advantages of this book can be formulated in such a way:
Analysis of the impact of women on the market.
Analysis of women as a separate class, which is different from men.
Theoretical analysis of women’s activity on the market.
Support of arguments with data from practical researches and statistics.
Comparative analysis of women’s activity in different industries.
Practical pieces of advice to attract women on market, based on successful and not successful campaigns of all times.

Nevertheless, some drawbacks also can be noticed in the book Pocketbook Power: How to Reach the Hearts and Minds of Today's Most Coveted Consumers - Women. They are:
Absence of clear comparison of female and male traditional patterns of behavior on the market.
Presenting the differences between genders rather than similarities.
Jumbling manner of presenting information.
In general, it means that the author tries to reveal things only from one perspective, which makes the presentation limited and restricted.

Therefore, as this book is only one of few ones, which concentrates the attention on women as a separate class presented on the market, there remain no doubts that it should be used as a complement to traditional textbooks during the course of marketing studying. The main reason for it is the actuality of data, presented in it. In other words, this book gives an opportunity for advertising and marketing professionals to follow modern tendencies and reach the hearts, minds, and wallets of today’s most powerful group of customers. In addition, it is helpful for students as it provides them not only with theoretical knowledge but also practical pieces of advice and vivid examples. It means that it creates the basis for their own practical work on strategies, techniques, etc. For example, taking into consideration the fact that females are more concentrated on emotions and inner satisfaction than on outer gloss, according to Read Kanner, advertising executives should try to attract women with the help of not simple adds stuffed with different platitudes, but ones, which spur people on to ponder.

Nevertheless, this book cannot be added to the suggested reading list for the class syllabus without appropriate introduction and explanation. It means that the tutor should explain to students why women are treated as major force on the worldwide market and point out what consequences it may have. Nevertheless, it is also necessary for him/her to emphasize that the increase of female consumers on the market does not mean elimination of males on it. Thus, the strategies of influence should be created in such a way to satisfy both groups of customers. The most appropriate tool for the introduction of the book is also annotation. It can be formulated in such a way:
Read Kanner in the book Pocketbook Power: How to Reach the Hearts and Minds of Today's Most Coveted Consumers - Women reveals one of the most topical issue of the modern world – the role of women in the worldwide market. The book consists of the theoretical analysis of the given issue, and practical pieces of advice, which are based on it. The biggest advantage of it is revealing not only an abstract impact of women on the market but pointing out concrete examples of their collaboration with separate industries.

The book is especially helpful for marketing and advertising executives as well as students who specialize in these spheres. It provides them with critical research data, theoretical analysis, practical evidences, pieces of advice, which help to create such strategies that are able to attract the major group of influence on the market – women.

To conclude, as Read Kanner’s Pocketbook Power: How to Reach the Hearts and Minds of Today's Most Coveted Consumers - Women reveals essential issue for worldwide market – females’ influence on it. Through theoretical and practical analysis, the book gives answers to many topical questions and it can be included it in the suggested reading list for the class syllabus. Nevertheless, before doing it, the tutor should explain that emphasis on the role of females while not underestimating the role of males on the worldwide market. Therefore, it should be used only as a supplement to the traditional textbooks.

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