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Black Star Rising

Robert Gandt is a former US navy and attack pilot, known for his famous more than three hundred days and night’s landings in the A-4 sky hawk jet. He has written many books, Black Star Rising among them. Black Star Rising is a remarkable piece in which Gandt explores the relationship between China and Vietnam with regards to oil accessibility to China. This paper is a review of Black Star Rising.

Over time, China has been expanding its economic sphere, especially its industrial might. This has been felt all over the world. In fact, as Gandt implies that China has become a threat to the existence of the United States of America as the world’s superpower. As the book states, the expansion of China, especially with regard to industries has an effect on its oil consumption amount. China has changed into one of the largest oil-consuming states in the entire world (Gandt, 2007).

Gandt posits that China has been eying unlimited oil supply from the social republic of Vietnam. However, Vietnam has tightly held its oilrig from China’s access. Recently, the United States of America entered into a defense pact with Vietnam and supported calls on commander Brick Maxwell to launch a hyper-advanced jet called Black Star stealth jet that would be used against china (Gandt, 2007). However, this is a challenge to Vietnam, because China has an advanced technology that matches with American technology. Therefore, China can also launch a jet against Vietnam that would be detrimental. In addition, China has an old adversary of Brick Maxwell who is looking for him for revenge. This means that Maxwell cannot do anything to worsen the already tense relationship of Vietnam with China (Gandt, 2007).

In conclusion, Gandt captures the possibilities of China’s access to Vietnamese oilrig and also the possibilities and dangers of the attack of China by Vietnam under the US’ pressure. This is an interesting book written by a former US navy attack pilot.

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