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Anna Karenina

Anna Karenina states that “success requires avoiding many separate possible causes of failure.” This principle tries to explain the success that underlies the Eurasian society domestication of previously wild animals. The principle also is explained by the concept of a happy marriage. Karenina asserts that for a marriage to be happy and successful, it must be characterized by separate unique elements that form part of the whole. If one of these parts is on the negative, then the whole entity fails. This is the same thing with the undomesticated animals like the zebra. Like the horse, the zebra had most of the characteristics to be domesticated but lacked some of the characteristics that were in the wild horses. It is for this reason that they could not be domesticated despite them having almost similar characteristics as the horses (Jared, 1999).

Domestication is the process by which an animal is selectively bred while under captivity. It is transformed from its wild ancestral traits to a domestic animal that can be used by humans for various purposes (Jared, 1999). Domesticated animals therefore become more useful to humans than their wild species and are controlled by humans.

The animals that most helped Eurasian were big domestic animals. The big domestic animals provide the Eurasian society with food, clothing and also helped pull plows and wagons. Big mammals for instance were very important in providing food. They especially provided milk and meat in plenty. The most important among these animals were the cow, goat, pig, sheep and horse.

There were some specific characteristics for domestication. Animals domesticated were largely terrestrial herbivorous or omnivorous which weighed on average 45 kilograms or about 100 pounds. They also must have the capability of growing quickly so that they can be of any value. That is why elephants are not domesticated. The domesticated animals should also be not violent as to be a risk to human life (Jared, 1999).

The goat developed from its wild ancestor the benzoar goat of West Asia. The Cows were domesticated from the now extinct aurochs. Sheep developed the Asiatic mouflon sheep. These sheep were predominantly in West and Central Asia. Pigs were domesticated from the wild boar. These wild boars were initially herbivores but the pig has developed into an omnivore. Last but not least, the horses were domesticated from the wild horses of southern Russia.

The people who lived on an east-west axis become world conquerors because of the availability of resources at their disposal. Most of the food crops and domestic animals existed in this region. They were therefore pushed to develop tools that they would use to capture these animals with thus developing weapons that they later used to conquer other lands (Jared, 1999).

Africa and America apparently had neither plants nor animals that were suitable for domestication. Eurasia had plenty of these plants and animals and thus their advantage over Africa and America.

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