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Wrong Study Techniques

There is a correlation between good grades and the time spent on studying, so if you study all the time with no desirable result, you may be making some of the mentioned below mistakes. will help you to find them out:
  • Mistake 1. Overestimation of time spent on studying. If you say that you study all the time, do you really mean that? Do you quantify it? The thing is that every class hour implies studying at least 4 hours outside the class. Are you sure you do that?
  • Mistake 2. Distraction. There are two factors that equally contribute to the quality of studying: the quality of study time and the quantity of it. If you are studying and watching a new video on YouTube simultaneously, be ready to have the corresponding mark for lack of concentration.
  • Mistake 3. Failing to check yourself in a proper way. The thought that you know the material may be oblivious as during the test you can prove yourself quite the opposite. The best way to check whether you know everything is to study with somebody else and quiz each other. Also it is possible to organize yourself a test.
  • Mistake 4. Procrastination. If you want to devour all the study material in 10 hours before the exam, keep in mind that it is not a good idea. The thing is that the human brain needs time to process the perceived information, so in order to improve your performance on the test, sleep on the already learned material, then find out the things you need to learn once more, do that and sleep on it once more before exam day.
  • Mistake 5. Failing to cover all material. The professor is unable to cover all the material during class hours, but you need to learn everything mentioned in a subject syllabus. If there are gaps in knowledge, you will not be able to do well in class, no matter how much time you spend on studying.
  • Mistake 6. Taking on too much. Now young people work outrageous hours because of numerous classes and an enormous workload. Consequently, it is difficult to cope with everything on their own. That is why it is reasonable to ask somebody for help. is right by your side to give you a hand with your academic writing. You will only benefit from cooperation with us as, on one hand, you will have an excellent mark for your essay or course paper and, on the other hand, have more time to get prepared for your exams. wishes you inspiration for studying and only excellent marks.
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