Writing a Narrative Essay

Narrative essay writing is comparable to storytelling. It can be narration of some past event, memory or anything. This type of essay comes under the category of the most basic and are a must know for students. For some students this type of essay may be the toughest to write as it involves a lot of imagination and creativity and some writing technique or style. In order to help and ease out the work of students, below are the guidelines given to write these essays. These tips are based on the recommendations of the experts and professional in the field of essay writing as well all the online resources have been searched and compiled for your benefit. First of all we should understand the meaning of such essays. Narrative essay is all about telling a story. It can be a personal experience or someone else's life story. It can be either an invented piece out of writer's imagination or a real life event. You should before starting off with the essay decide upon the story that you feel like writing about, make comments or annotate the significant point and instances in it and the structure of the essay chalked out or outlined. The most fascinating and interesting piece of the story can be developed into the thesis statement of the essay. Talking to someone about the story is also a great idea as the other person may have an entirely different opinion of the subject matter which can give a new insight and point to think over. Introduction should be the first thing in your essay. It should be well written with the intent of getting your readers acquainted with what is there in the essay. Also it should be crisp, precise and fascinating and interesting enough to grab readers' attention for the rest of the essay. The thesis statement should be given in here and must also be backed by supporting sentences. Many writers believe in not just telling or narrating an incident as the writing style. They prefer to show the readers and help them visualise the event to interest them and develop a better understanding in the reader. This can be one of the main factors responsible for the readability of the essay. Excessive emphasis on detailing the event should be avoided and more concentration should be on helping the readers understand and know what exactly happened. Full story is given in and is dependent upon the body paragraphs of the essay. The paragraphs may be three to as many as required in number. The universal rule of writing one main point per paragraph holds in narrative essays also and overcrowding of one section with too many ideas must be avoided. There should be some logical or rational pattern or organisation of the essay and the easiest and the most commonly followed one is the chronological order.
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