Writing IB Extended Essay

The best way to start writing an essay is to look through the list of the top IB extended essay topics. Therefore, you need to start as early as possible especially if you are not good at time management. First of all, you will need to choose a research question. This is the element I will try to help you with.
It is always up to you to look for the proper question. It is the basis of the essay and counts for around 25% of the whole time you will dedicate to writing this paper. Sometimes, you may ask your supervisor for help.

Pay enough time to finding the right question. In this case, you will manage to write an exceptional paper. In case you choose a wrong one, you will most likely fail in writing an essay. There are numerous ways of looking for a top-notch research question. Some students start with going through essay samples at their school library, while others believe that brainstorming is the best way.
Here are some tips to use when checking if the IB extended essay research question is right. Follow these four test questions to craft a splendid research question.

#1 What is the right scope of the paper?

First and foremost, you need to go over the word limit. Usually, an extended essay research question has to be answered in 4000 words. At first glance, it may seem like a huge word limit, but proper research and the first draft writing will prove the opposite.
The question should cover a specific topic. Avoid any broad and unfocused questions. For example, “How is the US government improving healthcare industry?” As you may see, this question is way too broad. It has a very broad focus and therefore, the essay will include numerous approaches without giving insight into each one separately. You will need to look for something fresh and distinct. A question like “What is the possible impact of Trump’s American Patient’s First plan on the US healthcare industry?” sounds much better.
In some cases, you may use extended essay examples, to get an idea of the right research question.

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#2 Which course tools you plan to use?

Can you identify the analytical models that you plan to use? Every separate course has its own limit for the number of models used. In economics you will need to use at least one main model and a couple of smaller ones, while in business you will have to use at least 4 models to analyze the research question.
Your primary goal is to show that you have a deep understanding of everything you have learned in class during the course. Most of the time, when writing an essay in business, the student tries to merely analyze all possible aspects of business. You may get some insider information and share it with the reader but that is not enough. It is all about using correct course concepts in order to prove or disapprove your thesis.

#3 Will you get the needed data?

This is an extremely important element in choosing a research question. If you do not have access to the secondary information, then this question should not be under research.
If you write an extended essay in Business, then you will need to get secondary information, including a company’s balance sheets and reports. Without this inside information, you will not be able to do a SWOT analysis or any other type of data analysis.
Start gathering data as early as possible. Sometimes, people may be busy or some of the data may be confidential. You have to be aware of the quantity of data you can really get access to. If your supervisor believes that it is sufficient, then you have all the chances to write a successful extended essay.

#4 What are the benefits of writing this topic now?

Great research may actually help the student get into a chosen university program. For example, if you plan to apply for a business program in the future, a letter from your school teacher with an explanation of how great you have coped with your research project may make a difference. Or if you are still hesitating what to do in the future, such an experience will help you make the final decision. Any extra motivation will help you cope with the work much better.
Take time to check whether your research question follows all these rules. In case you are uncertain, ask your supervisor for a piece of advice. Otherwise, you may use any other extended essay rubric.
Meeting the supervisor
It is recommended to have your research question ready by the time you meet your supervisor for the first time. If you have used the above-mentioned tips, then the question will most likely impress your supervisor.
You need to be prepared for this meeting as you will have to show your research findings. Prepare a list of credible secondary sources. Be ready to explain your research plans and what you wish to show in the paper. Also be ready to explain the bonds between the course concepts and your research question.
Your supervisor will not ask for a to-do list or a writing timeline, but if you prepare them, the extended essay writing will go much faster and easier.

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