Writing Evaluation Essay

Evaluation essays are all about thinking and evaluating the topic, forming a point of view about it, presenting your point to the readers and may be to make them agree with your view point. But doesn't this seem to be much the same like the cause and effect essay or persuasive essay? The answer to this is ‘no'. Confusing evaluation essays with analytical or argumentative essays is a very common mistake done by many people. But how do you differentiate between the two? Here are a few tips that can be helpful to you to avoid making this mistake. The following tips are based on the recommendation of professional and experienced writers, gathered through online resources.

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Firstly to get on with writing the essay we should be clear about what it means. Evaluation essay is directed at assessing a topic, forming a view and at times persuading the readers with your stand on the topic. Basic guidelines to go about this is to choose a subject which may be assessed, finding every necessary information by carefully researching on it and selecting on the approach to be followed for writing the essay. In case of problem with forming a point of view on the subject, writing down it pros and cons can be helpful in valuing the topic.

Next to get started with writing the essay, one should be clear about his approach to be pursued in writing.

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The total evaluation essay along with its inference or conclusion can be described by the strategy or method used in writing it. The introduction to the essay must contain a thesis or a judgement statement that introduces the readers to the real meaning and the core of the essay. A strong, persuasive and credible argument must follow the thesis statement to support and empower it. The writer should also adequately define and explain the subject to the readers, providing them with the necessary information in the opening part of the text.

The body of the essay must be divided in various paragraphs each bringing forward an argument or information backing and assisting the main statement.

The judgements made in the essay should be rational based on sound reasoning. Each paragraph should concentrate on one main point and there may be as many evidences or facts supporting that point. Some points which counter your arguments may also be brought forward and refuted with sufficient required reasons to make your stand strong. The tone of the text should not be biased but your opinion must be articulated appropriately.

The essay should end with a valid, logical and sensible conclusion. It should restate and reemphasise the opinion of the writer and also summarise the main points stated in the text.

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It should give due attention to writer's view point winning the trust and faith of the readers and finally persuading them to take the idea given as true.

Finally the essay should be proofread and edited. The mistakes, such as missing an important point, or spelling errors, grammatical or punctuation mistakes should be looked for and corrections done. For this purpose, you may read the article aloud to yourself or give it to someone in the family or a relative. This will help to make your essay an excellent one ensure good marks.

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