Writing an Essay in English: made easy!

The most common types of essays are English essays. The category is quite vast and it includes writing essays on humanities, history, psychology and humanities. But, you must be very careful before attempting these essays. As every category has its own particular way to be attempted. For writing an English essay, which is structured and well planned following points should be kept in mind:

  • Introduction: it is very important to give the essay a nice and a beautiful introduction.

Half of the battle is won, if the essay has a nice introduction. The first two or three paragraphs comprises of the introduction to the essay.

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In the introduction, you can include points like the purpose of choosing the topic. A thesis should be given stating the ways of achieving your purpose. Thesis is a summary of the whole essay, so make it interesting to withhold the attention of the audience. The basic idea should be well established, and the paper should support the statement to make it sound logical.

  • Main body: the topic should be well explained in the body.

Various aspects relating your topic should be well explained in the essay. The body of the essay should support the introduction and thesis well.

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It should be in a flow and not seem to be out of structure. Concentrate on the main issues well, but simultaneously, don't overlook other issues also. Overall, write an essay which is well written and too the point. Never, stuff unnecessary information, this leaves the reader disinterested.

  • Conclusion: it is very important to conclude the essay beautifully.

Try and conclude the essay with a strong comment or a question, which compels people to ticker their mind. The conclusion should summarize the whole essay. More of time and efforts should be devoted to writing of the conclusion.

  • Editing: it is the most important part of writing a flawless essay.

It is possible, that while writing in a flow, you have made several mistakes. Giving it a read, highlights your mistake and even tells you the areas which require special attention. Check the spelling, sentence construction, punctuations and grammar correct to leave a good impact on the reader. Don't hesitate to delete few lines, if you think they don't gel well with the rest of the essay. Last but not the least, proof read your essay.

But, this is not enough.

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You need to be bit more careful with other things also. To make your essay sound interesting and impressive, try and incorporate the following things in your essay:

  • Quotations
  • Generalization
  • Flash backs, to highlight the important events or an idea
  • Teasers
  • Rhetoric statements
  • Jokes, if the topic allows

An English essay, not only gauges your knowledge of the subject, but also about the writing skills. But, in case you feel you are not able to attempt the essay, don't panic. There are many professionals, who write essays on all topics for a nominal charge. Before you make the decision about the writer, think twice as it concerns your grades and future.

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