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Writing a Dental School Essay

When entering any dental school, it is often seen that students are asked to pen down dental school essays. The dental school essay is like a college entrance essay which gives occasion to a student to introduce himself to the committee of admissions. In such essays one is expected to speak subjectively and figuratively. The aim of accessing the dental school essay is to pick out students who are essentially different from the rest and those who will prove to be a proud badge for the institution. The committee also ponders upon how the student will make the best of the college by gauging the bit on career making decision. The dental school essay will also as the same time reflect the critical thinking and writing skills.

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The committee also checks the level of interest of the student to get through the institution applied to.

If there is a problem in dealing with the framework of the dental school essays, here are certain topics which might help in drafting the structure for the essay:

  • The reason that the student has opted for the discipline of dentistry
  • The experiences in school life and otherwise which aided in the student's decision to make the choice for the particular career.
  • Other extra curricular and co curricular activities the student was engaged into
  • Opinion on leadership and the other aspects of excellence
  • The people and the incidents that have influenced the life of the student
  • Future ambitions and career options
  • The way the student has been able to influence or change or motivate the world around
  • Negatives and affirmatives of the career in the dental discipline
  • The personal background of the student and the principles and values he withholds.

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One of the following techniques should be applied while writing the dental school essays.

- It is essential that a draft be prepared where the ideas are organized carefully; arguments are penned to attest the ideas; after an introduction , the essay should be produced properly and then should be ended with a concrete conclusion - First the writer should brainstorm all his ideas and then later structure them into sub titles.

The essay according to the rules of academic writing should be confined within the parameters of an introduction, body and then the conclusion While penning down the dental school essay one has to imagine the reader's mind and critical thinking ability. But this doesn't imply that one should write the essay in accordance with the view of the readers. On the contrary, the job of a good essay is to make the reader cogitate over the topic written.

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It's important that one does not lose the originality while writing the essay which will make it easier for one to fetch a high credit score.

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