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Warning Signs that You are in a Wrong Company

Who you become in life depends greatly on the people in your surrounding. Actually, it is a matter of a chance whom you will meet in your way, but you are to decide whether to allow this or that person influence your life or not. Of course, it is better to surround yourself with those you feel comfortable to be with and go past of awkward people. suggests you the facts that may hint you that you are in the company of the latter:
  • They meet with you only when they need this. Any relationship without proper interaction is doomed. If someone wants you around only when it is convenient for him or her, do not waste your time for that person. There is no use in begging anybody for attention. If people care about you, they will manage to find space for you.
  • They are envious of your possessions. Some envy is OK, but when the person is too envy of what you possess, this will not contribute to your friendship. As a matter of fact, envy does not mean that people admire you, it is actually the sign of the fact that they do not love themselves. Of course, you can encourage them to feel more confident about themselves, but be careful not to be pulled down by them. Remember that happiness is mostly an inside job.
  • Their negativity is killing you. Some people treat negatively everything and everybody, including you. It is all about the incongruities in their life. If pessimists try to hurt you, do not take it to heart, as it has zero to do with you. Good things happen only when you think positively. Giving yourself a break in communication with pessimists does not mean that you hate them, it means that you take care of yourself.
  • They criticize your dreams and doubt your abilities. There are people to tell you what you are capable of doing and what not. Anyway, you are the only person to decide what to do with your life and what goals to reach. No one except you knows best how to manage your energy and time. Life is a journey and your achievements depend only on what you want to achieve and on what you do in order to achieve something.
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