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Useful Websites for College Students

Useful Websites for College Students

Being a diligent student is sometimes very difficult as you have to complete all the assignments in time, as well as have a social life and some personal time.

Balancing papers, classes and internships makes students feel overwhelmed. However, you can easily avoid stress by managing your time efficiently. Here are best websites for the students that help you stay productive and make most of their time.

Google Drive

This one is the best for storage. Google Drive provides you with 15 GB of free storage, where you can keep any file types, among which there are not only images and music, but also different documents that you can save and edit.


This application is one of greatest memorization tools. Anki allows users to create flashcard to help learn about anything. This app will help you study for an important History exam or make learning foreign languages much easier. Anki adapts to what the user already knows, showing him/her the cards that he/she struggles with more often and concentrating less on what is already memorized. This program allows the user to integrate photos, audio, video and even math equations into those flashcards.

College Info Geek

This website is created by a student for students. It is a blog which covers numerous actual issues for college students, starting with pieces of advice on how to make your studies more productively and ending with tips on how to find more time for yourself. 


Save pictures, videos and articles from the Internet in one place. This website is perfect for you if you like saving things. Now, you will not forget where you saw that interesting article – it is right here, saved in Pocket. You can use this app on any of your devices and integrate it with more than 1.5 thousand different applications.

Resume Genius

As soon as you have reached college, you require a resume. There will appear many situations when you will need it. Resume Genius makes the process of composing a resume much easier with its simple and clear online form. All you have to do is to enter the information about yourself and then you can download the completed paper. The great thing – it is free.


LinkedIn is a social media website, which provides you with the possibility to connect with other people you know via the work – kind of a professional Facebook. A person’s profile on this social network displays information that is somewhat similar to a resume but is a little more personal.


This website helps find a time to make a meeting with your group project. As students’ schedules are often too busy, Doodle makes it much easier to find a perfect time for a meeting. You can create a fast poll of the days and times that you are able to meet, and this application will share it with the members of your group. They have to respond by filling out the poll. Once they do it, you will get the result and know the most suitable time.

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