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Types of Essays

Admission Essay Compared to other types of essay, the admission essay is normally drafted by those wishing to apply for a course, school, or company. It presents the reasons why they want to do so while giving the other party an idea of what to expect from the applicant. This essay allows the writer to further explain why he or she is interested to join a particular organization. In some cases, the admission essay is used by evaluators in deciding who to choose from several applicants. An admissions essay should be used by the applicant as a way of conveying his or her outstanding traits to the admissions personnel. It also allows applicants to show off their communication skills and ability to organize ideas seamlessly.

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Argumentative Essay Unlike other types of essay, the argumentative essay allows the writer to assert his or her opinion or perspective on a subject as more correct that the opinion of others. The task of clearly presenting an argument is no easy job. The popular thinking is that anyone can defend his or her opinion as long as they have one, but that is not always the case especially if the logic is not well thought though through. Argumentative writing requires citing reasons, drawing inductions and conclusions and relating them to the matter being discussed. It also allows for intervening recommendations to be discussed along with other matters proven to be correct. The essay should clearly illustrate the writer’s reasoning as compared to the proven facts or to the unproven assertions.

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Cause and Effect Essay Another of the common types of essay is the cause and effect paper, which discusses the roots of an event and what happens next or the effects. The cause and effect essay is normally utilized to organize and tackle thoughts.

Comparison Essay The fourth among common types of essay is the comparison essay. In writing a contrast essay, writers should think of two subjects and list down their similarities and differences. They should also decide on which is more consequential - the likeness or difference of the subjects being compared. It is advisable to focus on the less consequential first before tackling the more critical aspects. Usually, it is less complicated to focus on one aspect - either the difference or the similarities, although writers can write about both. Writers need to choose the main point or thesis of the essay regarding the subjects being compared. They should not start writing until they have an idea on the thesis to be tackled. The thesis should assist in the development of the essay. For instance, if one similarity or difference does not help in driving home the point, then it should not be included in the essay discussion.

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Critical Essay The last of the commonly seen types of essay is the critical essay. As a word, “critical” can have both negative and positive connotations. A critical essay can disagree with the reading. It may also relate the attitude of the writer upon reading an article. This pertains to detached evaluation, or an attitude wherein the writer accepts or rejects the opinion stated in a reading. Preparing an essay can be really tough. Fortunately you can buy cheap custom papers online. Find a writing service website on the Internet to get help with your essay writing needs.

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