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Travel on a Budget while you Are a Student

Travel on a Budget while you Are a Student

Being young, you are given a possibility to broaden your mind by travelling, but it isn’t cheap. Nevertheless, you can plan your journey in such a way that it won’t cost too much money.

Making a plan for your travel might be even a respite from numerous exams and tests that you have during this time of year. Thus, devote a few minutes to read this article and get to know how to travel on a shoestring budget.

Travelling without lots of money: Study the options

Believe it or not, there are many alternatives that can allow you to explore the world on a student budget. Interrailing is one of the most liked options. If you have an InterRailpass you are able to travel around Europe freely within a limited time. Such a pass can be given from 10 days to a full month. Prices range from £152 to £365. Among students this alternative is very popular. Moreover, hostel accommodation ranges from £10-£20 a night.

Frankly speaking, there is even a cheaper choice, which gives an opportunity to visit Europe being a volunteer. It is called Workaway. This organization brings into contact those people who could provide accommodation for doing some voluntary work. Apart from food and bed provided, you can improve your knowledge of language.

Finally, an option that might seem crazy to most of people – backpacking. Here you are devoid of accommodation and food, but you can pitch a tent and hitchhike. This option seems very dangerous, but in reality, it isn’t so. To add on, in many countries, such as Morocco, India or Vietnam, there are a lot of budget hotels to stay at where prices range from £7 to £10.

Good ideas before you start your trip

Think over where you would like to go. Using the Internet, you can easily find out the cost of living in certain countries. Those, who don’t want to travel too far, can opt for Eastern Europe. Regarding globetrotters, who like distant journeys, India, Nepal or South America are ideal variants.

If you book anything in advance, you can even spare some money. In order to book cheap travel, you could use an extraordinary good website Skyscanner that compares cheap flights. The cheapest alternative for living is a hostel, but in India and South-East Asia, hotels are less expensive and more comfortable. Although, you’d better shop around before, you start a journey.

Another significant step is to get an insurance and vaccines. Actually, the NHS provides the most essential vaccines for free, or you can purchase a travel insurance that is valid for a couple of month. The price is about £30.

Care about safety. You’d better travel with friends while hitchhiking, for example. Make sure you carry photocopies of all essential documents and their originals. Learn emergency phone numbers of a certain country. Remember that some Muslim countries don’t like when too many parts of your body are opened, so in such places, you should consider which clothes to wear.

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