Topics for Argumentative/Persuasive essay

Looking out a topic for writing a persuasive or an argumentative essay, is a cause for most students. It is really tough to decide which topic to write on. Argumentative essays require lot of time and energy. For writing such essays, the logical bend of the bend is a must. To prove your point, without being biased or rude is very important. Once the reader senses, your biasness, it becomes to win appreciation. So be very careful with the usage of the words and the expression. If, you are write an argumentative essay, here are few of the topics for writing them. Choose from the following as per your interest and convenience.

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  • Are prison houses needed?
  • Use of animals for scientific research, is it justified?
  • Should murders be given death penalty?
  • Should the body of famous people be disinterred?
  • Should Lenin be buried now by the Russians?
  • Strip than wear fur!
  • Was execution of Saddam Hussein necessary for ascertaining democracy in Iraq?
  • Should polygamy be allowed?
  • Plastic surgery, a boon or a bane?
  • Is it right to cut the right hand of a thief in the Asian countries?
  • Should prostitution be made legal?
  • Is abortion a good option?
  • Should gambling be made legal?
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  • Sex, drugs and rock n roll era and its ins and outs
  • Cancellation of the promised telecast, in the case when a person was sentenced execution after raping 15 girls.
  • Do Vegetarians live long life?
  • Is sex education important in schools?
  • Should fashion be followed mindlessly?
  • Chatting about sex is comfortable, so why not talk about cheating?
  • Are blondes smart?
  • Is art for elite people?
  • Is cosmetic surgery safe?
  • Deteriorating image of USA
  • Daewoo's cars are not cars at all, comment
  • Should same sex married be legalized?
  • Should age of drinking be reduced?
  • Should gambling also be permitted from the age of 16?
  • Being helpful, make people suspicious about you?
  • Opinion about the bra straps and thongs
  • Is it a good idea to overstress yourself for good grades, though they are good?
  • Is competition always healthy?
  • Expansion of the small town into big cities, is it justified?
  • Countryside no more a calm place?
  • Industrialization a necessary evil?
  • Computers, a boon or a bane for people?
  • Is starving, dieting?
  • Do protestations and rally make an impact on the officials?

Whereas, if you are to write a persuasive essay, you can choose from the following:

  • Convince your mom for let you wear a particular dress for your dance party
  • Persuade your principle to abolish the school uniforms
  • At times it is okay to cheat or to lie
  • Journalists should keep ethics at the priority
  • Living in big cities is better than the countryside's
  • Persuade your parents to buy you a laptop
  • Persuade your friends to go for bowling that a movie
  • Your room mate puts a poster of hot Celebes, persuade him or her to remove them
  • Persuade your parents to let you study abroad
  • Persuade your sister to help mom in her household work.
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Try and work out on these topics, with full of your determination and dedication.

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