Top Free Places of Interest in Paris

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Paris is one of the most expensive cities in the world, but a vacation there does not necessarily has to cost a fortune. In fact, every student can afford himself or herself a trip to Paris as there are enough of free attractions so the whole trip can be devoted to them. invites you to set off for an exciting journey:
  • The Seine River. It is not strange that the Siene River is one of the most alluring images of Paris as it slices a path through the heart of the city. It may be considered as a symbol of this marvelous city with many films scenes shot on its banks and lovers kissing on its bridges. Make sure you marvel the river and its various bridges with the unique personality and charm each.
  • The Eiffel Tower. Sure, getting to the top of the tower is not free of charge, but I doubt whether everybody would like to stand in those crazy queues. So if you have a tight budget, do not worry. You can marvel this architectural masterpiece from below or from any other spot in the city as The Eiffel Tower is everywhere in Paris.
  • Notre Dame Cathedral. The Cathedral of Notre Dame is one of the world’s most stunning pieces of architecture as well as the inspiration for classics. Moreover, it is free for tourists. Of course, there are ways to spend money here, e.g., to climb the towers and to visit the museum, but you can visit the cathedral itself free of charge.
  • Free Galleries Lafayette Fashion Shows. Paris is the capital of fashion. You can feel yourself like the elite without spending a dime by attending one of the weekly fashion shows at Lafayette department store. They take place every Friday at 3 p.m.
Our planet is an amazing place to live and the whole life is not enough to look at every corner of it. But it is worth to try. Explore the world and the preparation of your course paper trust us.
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