Tips on Writing a Cause and Effect Essay Topic

The cause and effect essays might seem like a vast stretch to work on but it has been seen that once one begins to look for topics, there is a paucity of it around. But it should not be a cause of concern and worry because our assistance is always available. For the custom cause and effect essay, following 26 recent topics are given: 1. The reason for rainbow formation in the sky and its effect 2. The reason of delay of monsoons and its consequences on the rural and urban areas 3. The causes of terrorist activities and its aftermath in the world 4.

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Why is it that some people change their identities by altering their images and its consequences on their lives?

5. The causes that lead to forest fires and its effect 6. The reason of children being chided and punished and the effect it has on their development.

7. What was the origin the Olympic Games and its subsequent result in the society?

8. What caused the emergence of the inquisition and its resultant impact?


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How did corsets make an appearance and the impact it had on the dressing styles?

10. The reason for the existence of the institution of marriage and the effect it has on the lives of people.

11. Undergoing plastic surgery and the impact it has physiologically and socially.

12. Other cause and effect essay topic which can be chosen: 13. The eruption of volcanoes can constitute a favourable cause and effect essay.

14. The problem of immigration and the way it alters the lives of people 15.

Smoke and its effect on people and the environment 16. The appearance of restaurants of fast food and its effect on the lives of people 17. The topic of computerization can also be written about.

18. Sea pollution's cause and effect can also be written on.

19. 90-60-90 the origin of these units and the effect it has on women 20. The cause and effect of traffic jams 21. Sexual revolution forms a good topic for a cause and effect essay 22. The reason for developing obesity and its impact on the health 23.

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The origin of the European Union and the impact it had in Europe and the world 24. The causes for the emergence of renaissance and its impact on different parts of the country and their culture.

25. The causes and effect of telecommuting 26. The causes of hunger death in the different parts of the world and in general and the bearing it has.

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