The Pros and Cons of Being an Introvert: Shy People Problems and Pleasures

The Pros and Cons of Being an Introvert: Shy People Problems and Pleasures

Pros of Being an Introverted Person

There are people who almost exclusively like introverts
It seems to be so because quiet introverts arouse their curiosity. Introverts usually unconsciously maintain the delicate balance, probably in self-protection. However, it creates the mystical and intriguing aura.
Acquaintances consider you smart
Quietness and introversion are usually associated with intelligence, probably because we just tend to do so. No matter what the case is, if you are an introvert, the acquaintances consider you smart and intelligent before you even start talking. They look at you and say something like, “You are a clever guy, are not you?”, and pat you on the back demonstrating respect for that concept of being a quiet person.
You are seen as “chill”
The fact that you talk less than other people do, generates the belief that you are cool with whatever happens; you are just going to have a nice time, and you do not care where, how, and in what company.

Cons of Being an Introverted Person

Less people have the romantic interest to you
The number of people who appreciate introverts is much smaller than of those who romantically pursue loud or average people. Being with introvert greatly limits the playing field and is a kind of “boutique” standard. Simply put, if you are an introvert, your chances of getting a partner are less comparing to the average Normie.
Acquaintances consider you upset
People tend to think that shyness and social anxiety are similar. “What is wrong with that guy? Is he having a bad day?” they might ask your mutual friend when you leave. But what occurred in fact, there was a talk, where you got that feeling you needed to share something important, and you did not fill the silence with “Well…” and “Yeah, um…”
You are not sure whether you are “chill” or a “doormat”
One more reason to avoid expressing your thoughts is having this nasty suspicion that you can be mistreated. It is quite a paradox: you truly believe it is not worth getting into confrontation, but this fact may indicate that you are actually afraid of it. The thing is that you do not know, which explanation is correct; hence you are not sure whether you are “chill” or a “doormat”.


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