Technology Essay

A technology essay is a paper with particular focus on technology, an aspect of it, a type, a form, etc. Students often go into exploring the components or scientific explanations of technology. Some delve into theories and make recommendations. However, students can go as far as writing about the impact of technology in society or the economic value of technology; there are no limits to the discussions one can make regarding this subject.

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The technology essay is written with the purpose of research and with the goal of enriching academic knowledge. The writer could opt to write an essay that explains the mechanism of a piece of technology, cite its discrepancies and recommend solutions. The writer could also go into the sociological, political and economic implications of technology. The essay on technology carries an objective tone rather than a subjective one. It relies mostly on data and evidence rather than mere speculation because of its scientific nature. A technology essay can be treated as a research paper; it explores technology in differing angles. The writer/researcher should gather evidence and facts to support the main ideas of the essay. A well written work is a well researched paper. The data should be organized coherently. Regardless of the type of essay, a paper always has an introduction, body and conclusion.

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The introduction should already establish an impressive outlook for the readers; it should get their attention to continue reading through the end of the technology essay. Though its scientific nature calls for technical jargon, the writer should still maintain balance among the words used. An average person should still be able to make sense of the essay. Also, the topic chosen has to be relevant to attract a multitude of readers. Popular topics include alternative energy sources, “green” technology, technological solutions to ecological issues, economic development through technology, etc. Be updated with modern issues and select a topic of importance.

A technology essay will not be successfully written if the author does not fully understand his topic. Though the content relies heavily on data, this does not mean the author will simply copy information. The essay requires the author to process the researched data and formulate a critical analysis. It could be a recommendation, opinion, query, reaction, comparison or argument regarding the subject of the essay. It is helpful to seek the guidance of experts such as professors, CEOs, engineers, etc. Find out the local experts related to the topic of the essay. Interview them and ask relevant questions that can be meaningful for your paper. The essay will be more enriching with information coming from various sources.

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