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Everything that we do in our life is connected with the use of modern technologies. They have a significant impact on people's lives. New unified world culture is being created, in which traditions and distances no longer matter. A Technology essay is a work about the impact of technology on the society. You can find useful information for your paper here.

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Start your argumentative essay about technology with a description of its essence. Technology is the foundation of our modern industrial life. It is impossible to imagine the modern world without it. However, like any invention, we can use it with a good or bad purpose. Nowadays people with disabilities have more efficient, comfortable and natural prosthetic devices. Doctors have equipment that in the olden days they could not have dreamed of. There are new drugs, which treat diseases that previously led to death. It should also be noted that the progress in Internet technologies allows people from different parts of the world to communicate with each other or even create a new reality.

Mobile phones give us the opportunity to communicate 24 hours a day. We wear clothes made from previously unknown materials, and they are light, strong and environmentally friendly. People have a lot of inventions to which they are accustomed, and they do not think that they appeared only a few years ago.

The modern world is full of all sorts of new products. People never had such a sum of knowledge in various fields. Amazing things and phenomena surround us. Today, you can get news out of your pocket, connect to a network that exists only in the information field, and send a message to a person who is thousands of kilometers away from you. Thanks to the information technology, we can meet people who live far, far away, in other countries and cities.

Science has come up with a lot of interesting and useful things, from biomaterials to artificial hands, from high-speed aircraft to high-speed trains, which saves time; from e-libraries, online universities and courses to advanced deep crust drilling. Modern technologies are designed to serve humanity, to help it reach even greater heights.


However, not all technologies benefit people. Often the opposite happens. For example, modern weapons can destroy both nature and human lives on frightening scales. Industry discharges toxic waste into water and intrudes into the earth's interior in search of resources. Moreover, a new “continent” of floating waste has already appeared in the Pacific Ocean. Write about useful and harmful inventions in your technology essay.
Now the task of modern technologies is to find effective ways to clean and protect the environment. The development of alternative energy sources is also very urgent because the world's oil, gas and coal reserves are being exhausted.

Technologies created by talented people can be useful and harmful at the same time. Using a smartphone, for example, you can spread gossip. Each technology should be used wisely, with the understanding of its real benefits.


Computers and the Internet are the most relevant technology essay topics. Everyone has a computer connected to the Internet at home. Today, the laptop is an integral part of everyday life. People spend most of their time working or playing on it. Computers surround us everywhere, at home, in stores, in offices, etc.

The Internet offers users the opportunity to show themselves and their talents to the world. Social networks have replaced newspapers and bulletin boards today. The Internet affects people; it simplifies all processes, including the search for a company for the evening party, for friends or a lifelong partner. This is a great way to find new profitable contacts. Undoubtedly, communication via the Internet can fill people's lives with new emotions, and even save someone from loneliness.

The latest news from around the world is always published on the Internet. Today, users can not only learn about events and incidents on a global scale but also view the air temperature outside the window in their city or check the status of traffic on the roads.

These are the main advantages of how the Internet affects a person. However, do not forget that the needs of people are different. Some people enter the Internet to download a new software application; others select documentation related to their professional activities. You can find an incredible amount of information on the web. This is undoubtedly the positive impact of the Internet on people, because it is the opportunity for growth, development and obtaining knowledge.

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The main drawback of the Internet is the creation of an illusion. The real essence of people very often comes out in the network. Therefore, you can easily find anonymous clubs of suicides, drug addicts and other dysfunctional individuals there. In these communities, you can learn how to take drugs or make weapons. Such communication via the Internet will bring only problems and frustration.

According to psychotherapists, people who spend most of the day on the Internet have difficulties communicating in real life. They have low self-esteem and are very shy and poorly adapted in the society. Such people feel completely safe in social media. They know that they will not be punished for rash comments or obscene communication with opponents. This is one of the examples of the negative impact of the Internet on the society.

Some people lose interest in life if they do not have an Internet connection. They have a feeling of emptiness, irritability, and depression. People who spend a lot of time on the Internet can begin to lie to their family members, colleagues or friends. They feel the euphoria and pleasure only when they open their favorite sites or online games.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that the impact of the Internet on the modern society cannot be unambiguously assessed. Each person is responsible for his or her life, so people must control their behavior on the network. Write your essay about technology and describe the problems of social media and their negative impact on users.

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