Symbolism Essay

What is a symbolism essay? It is basically a type of English essay which is typically given to high school and college students. A symbolism essay usually requires a writer to thoroughly analyze text or a story. In order to write a symbolism essay you will need to be able to recognize a literary symbol which is person, object or thing that represents something else. For example, the grim reaper is a symbol of death while fire usually represents damnation in stories.

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Sometimes it’s very difficult to figure out some of the symbolism in literature because the symbolism isn’t always obvious. Some symbols can even be interpreted several ways. Professors and English teachers enjoy assigning literary essays on symbolism because they are complex and students will have to read between the lines and practice inferring things. There is often no right answer in a symbolism essay, as long as the student is able to support their claims and identify what ways a symbol can be interpreted they will get a good grade. Students have to be able to use their text books and novels to convince the reader (teacher or professor) that their interpretation of the symbols is valid.

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A symbolism essay usually begin by telling the reader the symbols or symbol that can be found in the text, if there are many symbols in a book then the writer will identify the specific symbols they will be discussing. After introducing the symbols, the writer will show how the author of the book uses the symbols in the text; if possible the writer will explain the reason why certain symbols were included in the story. Authors always have a reason for placing symbols in their text, so if a writer can’t determine why the symbol is in the text, then maybe the symbolism is only taking place in the mind of the reader or there is no symbolism. Symbols usually support the theme of the story or amplify an event or character, if a writer can’t find the reason why the symbol is in the story then maybe it actually isn’t a symbol at all.

The next part of a symbolism essay is probably the most important of the essay. After identifying all of the symbolism the author uses in the text, the essay writer must interpret how they feel about the symbols and talk about the meaning of each symbol. The writer should use the text to support their claims, otherwise the person grading the assignment may determine that the writer is seeing only what they want to see in the text, rather than what is actually in the text.

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Following the text based references of where symbols are used in the text and the writers interpretation of them, some writers like to include a section of a symbolism essay which shows how these symbols are used outside of the text. For instance, some people like to talk about the symbols were used in other stories like fairy tales or in the real world. A symbolism essay is not an easy assignment to complete. Luckily, there are many online essay writing companies out there which create custom essays which are cheap and high quality. If you are stressed out with many assignments and test or is just a bad writer than you should take advantage of a writing service and buy an essay such as a symbolism essay.

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