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Studying Smart: Make the Best Use of Your Time

Studying Smart: Make the Best Use of Your Time

Yesterday I received the grades from my university. I was very surprised to see that my average grade was 4.2. Many of you may admit that it is not high, but for me, it is definitely a good result.

The matter is that I managed to increase my average grade from 3.5 to 4.2 in a short period of time. My secret is that I started to study smart. If you also want to achieve amazing results in studying, continue reading this article.

Building and Understanding

Imagine that you are building a house. Although you have an idea of how the house may look like, you can never know what result you will achieve. When you build your house, you use glass, bricks, mortar and other supplies. The process of learning is very alike to the process of building the house. You are also given building materials that are lectures, books, readings, etc. On the other hand, without a clear understanding how to use this building supply, you will never manage to construct a worthy house or, in terms of learning, apply your knowledge in practice.

There are two popular learning strategies:

1. Memorization: when you try to remember a correct position of building material.

2. Formulas: you cannot see the house planning itself, but you manage to move around avoiding the obstacles. These strategies are fine if you do not base your entire learning on them. Building a house as well as obtaining new knowledge depends on how much effort you put in learning holistically.

Learning Holistically

This strategy is based on using your current knowledge and making the best use of it in learning further. If we parallel it to building a house, it means that you use building supply to construct something of it. In short, it involves making a connection between information so that it fits the final picture.

Here are the ideas to start with:

Metaphor: it allows you to compare a simple concept to a bigger and more challenging one. Metaphors increase your understanding of a new material by creating some analogies to the information you already know.

Using senses: it means remembering abstract concepts by moving them closer to your senses, visualizing and “feeling” them.

Teach it: ask someone to play a role of your student and try to explain a new concept in a way you understand it. Leave no gaps: when you learn something new from a textbook, there should be no gaps in your understanding. Every idea should be linked to something you already know.

Find patterns: search for patterns in a new material and identify broader patterns that are the same across various topics. Now you know that the secret of smart studying is in learning holistically. Use these 5 strategies of holistic learning, and you will be able to remember new information easily!

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