How to Choose a Winning Research Paper Topic on Sociology

Despite the fact that there is still a tendency to perceive sociology as a branch of science dubiously, its outcomes have already proven the efficiency and trustworthiness of sociological research. In fact, it offers practical methods to foretell the way an individual or a group of people would behave in certain conditions. What other field can suggest the strategies of team creation and turning aside conflict issues?

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Tips on How to Select a Sociology Research Topic

The course of sociology studies consists of the investigation on the cultures, human habits, and groups. It comprises everything that somehow refers to the actions which people take under different circumstances. But the definition is too broad to undertake it as a subject for your research. The thing is to be more precise and look for the concrete aspect that lights the sparkle of interest in you. To begin with, consider whether you would prefer investigating behavior of some group or of an individual. A single person embodies a group, as well as a group has an impact on the collective culture. These are interdependent phenomena, so whatever you choose, you will discover the mutual influences and dependence.

The second important step is to look for the context of the issue you are going to investigate. Events could not be identical within different cultural environment and history periods. It explains why quizzes on sociological issues are made up of such a huge number of questions related to the status, age, sex, race, and other factors. It reveals us what sociology is aimed at; it is set out to scrutinize unmarked before correlations.

It may happen that after all, you cannot come up with the topic for your paper. Do not get disappointed, have a look at our sociology research topics samples. You are free to rephrase and change them as you wish. That would be great if we encouraged you to take one of the sociology problems from our list for the further investigation and making a contribution to this branch of science.

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Sociology Topics Examples

  • Sociology and nutrition of various social groups
  • Subcultures popular among young people
  • What are the factors that influence hooligans’ rates?
  • Gender inequality
  • Mass meetings
  • Cults that avoid publicity
  • The process of assimilation of new cultures
  • Living standards in various countries
  • How risks are calculated in sociological science?
  • Death rates and birth rates
  • Sociology on family life
  • People’s behavior in minority groups
  • An overview of types of personality
  • How individuals change their behavior in the involuntary groups?
  • Hierarchy in a community
  • The connection between sociology and biology
  • Violence and discrimination in society
  • Are human and animal behavior patterns somehow similar?
  • Strategies at a workplace
  • Criminal rates
  • Conflict sociology
  • The unity of psychology and sociology
  • Juvenile crime
  • Sociology on politics
  • Brainwashing and sociology
  • Game addictions
  • Religious groups
  • Attributes of relationships
  • Sociology of military sphere
  • Altruism
  • Ecology in metropolitan cities
  • Sociology of business
  • Educational reforms
  • Relations among contemporaries
  • Peer pressure
  • Social-psychological image of a leader
  • How media affects the preference?


Sociology is an extremely absorbing branch of science to study. If you have decided that it is definitely what you need, then you are on your way of examining our ideas on sociology research topics to opt for. The things aren’t the same as the global processes have impact on all spheres of life. The constant change provokes the appearance of new problems and phenomena. It would be even puzzling to count the number of the subjects for the research. Monitor the available theoretical material to get to know about the possible solutions for the issues you may discover. Be attentive whether there is enough material and relevant sources to take information from to compose a paper. It should be one of the criteria for you to choose the topic.

To generalize, here are top subjects to opt for the research in the field of sociology: race, ethnicity, food, media of communication, sexuality, gender, spirituality, family relations, consumerism, conflicts, clans, and social movements.

The Mistakes You’d Better Avoid When Looking for a Research Topic

Probably, you have already heard of a book written by Jordan Ellenberg with the title “How Not to Be Wrong”. It tells how science is essential for everyday living. Read it and you will certainly get motivated about what to write in your sociology paper.

On the contrary, you may get lost in the great variety of the things to explore and take a topic that doesn’t have enough powers to be developed into a survey. That is why, you should be attentive to scrutinize what is potentially attractive and fascinating in the issue you would like to delve into. First of all, leave aside everything that is too wide, your task is to narrow a topic down so that you can dig deeper and discover something new on a precise aspect. Reconsider the reasons why the problem seemed to be compelling to you. The outcomes you expect to have should suggest some rational alternatives to deal with the issue.

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The World is full of controversies that haven’t been investigated by means of science yet. Find out what inspires you and make it a topic of your research on sociology. You may evaluate what people eat, the way they react to propaganda, how they cope with problems, what modes of behavior they develop in their families and among staff members. You have a chance to opt for something engrossing both for you and your professor. We hope the list above will be of practical value for you. Try to be maximally critical and reasonable to select a subject that would be a pleasure to investigate and present your results to your group mates and research advisor.

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