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Six Ways to Stay Motivated to Study

Six Ways to Stay Motivated to Study

Keeping your motivation strong throughout the entire educational process is a great challenge that few people can take.

Most of the time our motivation goes up and down and when it gets down, doing something in terms of study seems to be a titanic effort. Good news is that there are tricks to keep your motivation level high. Use them and you will see your motivation soar.

1) Break it down. One of the greatest killers of motivation is a high difficulty of the task. However, big the task you need to complete, if you reduce it little by little, it has no other way but to become completed. If you split it into little chunks, it becomes much more manageable. It is advisable to utilize a structured approach and plan your study for a week or a month. Planning can be as simple as blocking time slots in your diary or using study applications, such as iStudiez and GoConqur.

2) Deal with distractions. One more e-mail, eh? All of us know these tricks that we play with ourselves in order not to study. You can overcome them in different ways:

• If you don’t require your PC for studies – turn it off. If you need, it as a word processor, turn off the Internet.

• Switch your mobile in the flight-mode.

• A study in the place where your friends can’t distract you.

• A study in chunks – for instance, study 30 or 40 minutes without any distraction, giving all your focus on the object of your study, and then take some rest.

3) Do what works best for you. Every individual is unique, and you have to know yourself in order to study better. Understand:

• what’s the best time for you to study during the day?

• do you better study alone or with your friends?

• do you like studying on working days or on weekends?

• do you like studying in the closed room or in the natural surroundings? Knowing all these things and using them will help you to boost your study productivity greatly.

4) Remember a big picture. At times we forget why we need to study at all. Try to recollect your emotions when you applied for that educational institution you’re studying at right now. You were full of energy and ambitions – get that energy and ambitions back right now! Your education is totally worth your efforts. If that doesn’t motivate you, think about how you would feel if you just quitted your study. The feeling of incompleteness and despair will definitely be worse than overcoming this momentary demotivation and fatigue of mind.

5) Don’t forget to take breaks. It’s impossible to stay motivated if you don’t take breaks. Lack of rest, both physical and mental, can get all powers out of you, as well as lead you to the abyss of apathy. You don’t want this. Although study is hard work, don’t make it too hard. Take breaks when necessary, have enough sleep, or spend time with your loved ones when you need it. Don’t worry. You’ll climb that mountain!

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