Response Essay

Thesis A thesis is a part of a response essay that will state information about the particular subject, either a literary work or other types of creation, or other relevant trends that relate to the author’s or creator’s life.

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Body As a response essay is basically an essay that presents the reaction of the writer on a particular topic or subject, the body of the response essay basically contains the thorough discussion and criticism on the subject. In this part of the essay, all relevant information and all pertinent data should be presented to support the reaction of the writer. In doing this, it is important to work on a particular subject so as to avoid general reactions that may cost you much time and effort. In giving your response to a particular topic, you are able to do a more in depth review and assessment, and not waste time on non-related information.

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When criticizing a particular literary work or writing, you should be able to

  • Point out literary methods like images, similes, assonances, metaphors, onomatopoeias and explain how they supplement to the general make up of the literary piece.
  • Explain Latin or Greek words and other uncommon terms used in the literary as to how they were used and their deeper meanings that contribute to the intricacy of the literature.
  • Connect the many different sides of the work to the life and experiences of the author.
  • Identify different themes that appear in numerous parts of the writing and explain how they add to the overall theme of the work.

Conclusion A conclusion is the finishing part of the response essay where the writer states his or her overall assumption on the topic. When writing the conclusion of a response essay, it is significant to show a summary of the facts and data that serve as bases for the writer’s reactions or criticisms. Any key contention on the writer’s thoughts about the literary piece should be stated in a condensed manner, and should be countered with the pertinent resources. Once the conclusion is finalized, the essay is ended with either a supporting or opposing supposition, based on the research done.

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When beginning to write a response essay, you can begin with old literary works that have been used beforehand. Just make sure that your analysis is of a different angle so that it becomes a new response essay. Present understated points that have not been given prior to your essay. Write a creative thesis that does not impart something that is not in line with the real intentions of the author. Make sure it is always correlated to the objectives of the author. There are numerous popular response essay topics that are used in academic requirements, such as The Article That Changed My Philosophy, Yellow Press, New Theories in Business Environments and many more. Writing a response essay is just like writing any other academic writing that required thorough research. It may sound easy, but it can also be exhausting for a student to do his own essays, theses, dissertations, research papers and others. In such a case, he or she can always buy a cheap but reliable custom writing service from an online writing company such as

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