Research Summary

A research summary is basically just as it says, a summary of your research paper. This is a shortened version of your paper that gives an idea of what it is going to be about. Although this may appear to be short and simple, a research summary must in fact be written in a precise way and formatted correctly. The summary must be short and sweet whilst also keeping all of the important details and information. This can be quite a tricky task. Therefore there is a certain amount of skills to be able to write a successful research summary.

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The reader must get a precise and clear idea of what the research paper is going to be about from the research summary. It must include the research that you have done and the sources that you have found to support your research and your arguments. Your professor may ask for a digest of the readings at the end of your research paper. This not only enables your professor to understand your work but also opens your research to the viewing of other readers.

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When all of the points that you want to include are put into a summary, you can see what to use and what not to in your final paper. Once everything is written down you can have a clear view of all the material.

The way that the article is written is your own choice. As long as a research summary contains all of the information needed, you are free to express your ideas and arguments.

The synopsis must begin with a short introduction that will sum up all the aims and main points that will be raised in the research paper. The introduction is designed to engage the audience and gain their interest. This should therefore have a short summarized background of the topic that you have chosen and explain the main aims of the research.

Many students find the writing of a research summary extremely challenging and time consuming.

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