Research proposal

Before writing a research paper, you must often give in a research proposal. This enables you to get sponsorship for your research or simply to gain the permission of your tutor or institution to carry it out. In a research proposal a student must explain why they think that it is important and necessary to carry out this specific research. A research proposal is particularly used at graduate schools or for PhD research as the research involved in such circumstances are usually very detailed and unique.

Where you are studying, what subject you have chosen, what the rules and regulations of your institution are and who you are asking for sponsorship from all are factors that will alter how a research proposal is written.

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Before beginning your research proposal you must check with your institution or sponsorship program what specifications they require.

A research proposal must always include: ? A statement explaining what the point and reason for the research is.

? Why the student is capable and qualified to do this particular research study.

? Why the research is relevant to the field.

? Some background information about the topic.

? The budget that is needed for the research.

? What the methodology will be of the research.

? What the aims and goals fo the research study are.

If the main point of the research proposal is to obtain sponsorship for the student's research then they must include a full budget with all of the reasons why the money is needed for this specific project.

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Any other information that is needed will be varied across the different subjects and research ideas as they are very varied and each is unique.

Many students ask their institutions for the sponsorship in their research proposal. In such cases they must make it clear why their particular university or college is suitable for providing them with the grant. The student must also specify what they will be needing from the institution other than money. This may include the use of their facilities, research reviews on a regular basis or even just the use of their name for credibility.

Before writing a dissertation a research proposal is needed. You must begin by explaining the issue that you will be researching. This will be the base of the whole research and will form the reason for doing the research in the first place. This will be followed by a detailed literature review of previous research and other opinions and facts that have been written on the subject. This will not only give your research proposal credibility but will also explain to the reader how your particular research is missing from the field. The research proposal must then proceed to describe the methodology options. These could be qualitative, quantitative, experiments, surveys, interviews etc.

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Looking at past research can give you ideas for the appropriate method to use.

A research proposal must clearly portray the purpose and reasons behind doing their particular specified research. It needs to be shown why the field would benefit from such research. Te length of a research proposal can range from just 3 to 4 pages right up to 30 to 40 pages depending on your experience, level of study and the information gathered.

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