Research Proposal Sample

A research proposal is designed to show your professor, institution or sponsor that your proposed research is important and needed within the chosen field. It puts together the main points of the research paper in a convincing manner and in a shortened format. Only after it is approved can you begin your actual research procedure and paper.

No longer do you have to search the internet for a research proposal sample as below is a research proposal sample that can give you an idea of what to include: The example below focuses on the topic of lifestyle and health and the relationship between the two.

Background Section of the Research Proposal Sample This section proves to the reader why the research is necessary as this has not been done before. You must show the reader that there is a gap in the research which can be filled by your study. This research is particularly important because the lifestyle of people in the modern world is causing bad health and illness.

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Objective of the Research Proposal Sample This is an integral part of the research paper as it gives a reason behind the research. In the case of this study, the objective of my research is to look at different types of lifestyle and see how they affect the different individual's health.

Methodology of the Research Proposal Sample The methodologies are too precise to put into a research proposal sample as they are very specific to the particular research that you are carrying out. You can choose between many different methodologies including experiments, surveys, interviews and lab reports. Psychological experiments for example will often be conducted through questionnaires or in depth interviews.

Summary Section of the Research Proposal Sample This ending paragraph must leave the professor, institute or committee thinking that your research is completely necessary.

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In short you must evaluate why you are wanting to research this topic.

The overview above will give you an idea of how to structure your research proposal and what to include. For more specific instructions you must ask your professor or alternatively look in your university library. You can find research proposal samples within most libraries and many will be specific to your topic.

Where can I find a research proposal sample?

There are many places where you can find a good quality research proposal sample. If you are unsure of where to look try the following: 1. Download a research proposal sample for no charge whatsoever on an academic website. Make sure that the site that you use is academic as there are many none credible sites online.

2. There are many databases on and offline that contain excellent research proposal samples. For a small fee you can gain access to them and get some ideas.

3. Your university library will be sure to hold many top quality research proposal samples.

4. You can find an excellent research proposal sample at an academic custom writing service and receive one that is tailored specifically to your needs.

At QualityEssay. com you can be sure to receive a research proposal sample which will help you in exactly what you want. You will be able to base your own research on the research proposal sample that you receive from our top quality service. If you are struggling with what topic to choose or even what thesis statement to make, you can have it done for you by our team of excellent writers. You can go online and buy a custom research proposal sample, research proposal or even your whole research paper for an amazingly cheap price.

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