Research Proposal Format

Before you embark upon a research paper, you must first submit a research proposal to your professor. A research proposal will explain to the reader why the topic was chosen with some background as well as expressing why the proposed research is thought to be necessary to the field of study. Once the proposal has been approved, the student can begin his/her research paper. Of course there are successful research proposals and unsuccessful research proposals. Be aware that not all are accepted so you must make a lot of effort to put across your ideas well.

The research proposal format is essential for its success. The language must be empowering and convincing. By the first few lines, the reader must have a clear idea as to why this research is 'essential' and must be done. Whatever the subject is, the reader must agree with your idea that the topic is of much importance and benefit to the field.

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If the professor, institution or sponsors that are reading through the paper are not convinced then you will most likely not get your proposal accepted.

A research proposal format must include the following: ? Title page: with the title of the research, the student's name and the institution ? Introduction: This will include all of the aims of the research and why it is important. It will give a short background to the subject as well as introducing the thesis statements.

? Sources list: This will give evidence for the importance of the research and prove that such research is missing in the field of study.

A research proposal will include as much information as possible with as many sources as possible to prove your point.

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The sources must add to the work and all be related. The research is a gathering of all the information that has been previously found on the subject. This is all put together into the literature review which gives an in depth description of the prior academic research. Be sure to collect literature that is of an academic standard as much of the information that can be found online is not credible. A literature review shows the student what has not yet been studied in a field and where there is room for more research. A good research proposal format can be seen below: 1. Title Page: This will be the first page of the research proposal and will explain what the topic is in a few simple and clear words. The thesis will also be introduced.

2. Introduction: This will be one paragraph that highlights the need for the study and why your research in particular is required to better the field. The reader must understand right away why your specified topic is so important. Convincing language should be used as well to make the reader accept your proposal.

3. Main body: The main body of the research proposal format must describe everything that will be involved in the research. Here you will include the methodologies that you are going to use. Look at past research to get ideas of what would be appropriate. You may choose to do a survey or interviews for example or maybe your subject is more suited to experiments and lab reports. In the main body you must also elaborate on why this research is vital to the topic in question and what your research would bring to the field.

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4. Conclusion: This last paragraph will summarize the main ideas and points of the research proposal. The thesis statement will also be repeated.

5. References: Every quote that is used throughout must be in the format that has been specified by your professor. This would most commonly be APA, MLA, Chicago or Harvard. Be very careful to cite all sources correctly as plagiarism will most probably make your paper fail.

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