Research Papers on Technology

Technology comes with quite a broad concept, as a result of which essays on technology explores a wide range of fields. The most basic nature of these essays is studying human knowledge and process of contributing that knowledge in the development of life. Essays on technology speaks about, techniques, science, engineering, hardware, machineries, systems, and finally the organization procedures. The following topics should be investigated while writing a high quality essay on technology:

  • The ancient discoveries in comparison to the present-day technological developments.
  • Invention of wheels as a topmost achievement in traveling and organizing the environment for human beings.
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  • Contribution of Internet, Telephone, Printing Press t the communication system of the world.
  • Inventions with power of destruction.
  • Global economy and technology.
  • Rise of leisure class and technology.
  • Negative and positive outcomes of technological developments.
  • Debates on the application of technology in recent times and in future.
  • Luddism, the most vital opponent of technological changes and innovations.
  • Techno progressivism and Trans humanism with their optimistic views on technology.
  • Is technology good for human life?

We welcome you to select any of the suggested topics and investigate them in your technology-essay.

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Keep the following points in mind while writing your technology-essay.

  • Make sure that you have understood the selected problem;
  • Compose you sentences perfectly;
  • Apply linking phrases in between paragraphs and all through the text;
  • Ensure that the text is logical and consistent;
  • Explain your research in detail;
  • Put forward persuasive and eventful argument;
  • Use languages that will be understood even by the unsophisticated audiences;
  • Maintain the perfect wording and tone of the technology-essay;
  • Be careful about all kinds of mistakes;
  • Sound formal, however avoid the moralizing touch;
  • Try to foresee the probable question and include the answers in the essay;
  • Involve the reader in the essay and make him or her respond to your writing;

A technology-essay is the similar in structure when compared to any other type of custom essay.

It includes:

  • An introductory part stating your point on thesis statement along with some words of general introduction about the topic.
  • A body with the results of the investigation about the problem.

Include argument to support al your topic sentences.

  • The concluding paragraph must include a compilation of all major points of the essay along with your views, so that the reader grows interest of further research.
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