Research Paper Thesis

The basis of a whole research paper is the thesis statement itself. Most students find the task of thinking of a research paper thesis statement incredibly difficult. A research paper thesis must have a clear focus, purpose and be placed in the right place within the research paper itself. The worry of what to do can create a lot of confusion with students who would otherwise be able to come up with great ideas. Looking at what a research paper thesis statement actually is can really help you to think of a good one and ultimately obtain an excellent grade.

Many students get mixed up between what is the topic of the research paper and what is the research paper thesis.

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As the focus of the whole research paper, the thesis statement must be chosen carefully and with great thought. Many professors can make a research paper thesis statement appear to be much more complicated that it needs to be. Some students even think of a thesis statement and then backtrack as they think that it is not complex enough. This is usually not the case.

Whether a student likes it or not, a research paper thesis is vital for a research paper. Proving the research paper thesis is the whole point of writing the research paper.

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You will actually have been writing thesis statements obliviously since the first time that you wrote an essay. If you have ever made points and brought up arguments in writing then you have engaged in the use of a thesis statement. A thesis statement is simply trying to put across views, opinions or facts to support a particular point. Unfortunately most students mistaken a research paper thesis as something much more difficult and become stuck on what to write about.

Put in the most simple terms, a research paper thesis statement is the standpoint of the writer. The introduction of any research paper should begin with a brief summary of the subject in question followed by the writer's standpoint (thesis).

The following information will be to support this thesis. This may be through academic sources such as books, internet references or journals. The research paper thesis statement itself needn't be longer than one sentence. Believe it or not, the best thesis statements are often the shortest.

The research paper thesis is followed by the main body of the paper which aims to support or even prove it. A good research paper will announce the research paper thesis at the end of the first introduction paragraph and then convince even the most disagreeing of readers that it is correct through their own research and use of language.

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The arguments given must have plenty of evidence from citations and references.

The research paper thesis statement that you choose to use may not be in agreement with your professor or whoever reads the paper. This is not important. What does matter however is that you support your thesis with enough evidence and arguments to make it valid and plausible. Before choosing a research paper thesis statement, students must make sure that there is enough resources online and in their university libraries to support it fully.

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