Research paper style

The American Psychological Association or the more commonly abbreviated APA writing format is the research paper style that is commonly used across schools, colleges and universities. Any research done in the psychology and science areas fields normally use this style. All of the writing within the paper must abide by the APA guidelines. Before beginning an APA research paper you must make sure that the title is printed at the top right hand corner of every page along with the page numbers.

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The bibliography must include every reference/source that has been used throughout the paper.

In the APA style, it is specifically used for science, psychology and other fields of scientific interest. All related sources and references can be placed throughout the text. The style of writing must also be in APA style.

The Modern Language Association style or MLA style is the most common research paper style for Humanities and Social Science papers.

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The only real difference between APA and MLA styles is the pagination. Unlike in APA, the writer's last name must be printed next to the page number and not the title. Differences also lie with the bibliography. Although these changes are small and may seem unimportant, they are the differences that separate two opposing styles.

Other formats of research paper style that are used across universities and colleges include the Harvard, Chicago and Turabian styles.

The only difference between all of these styles is the way that the referencing is done.

The importance of a research paper style must not be underestimated. Getting it correct throughout a whole paper can be daunting for students, and with so many other factors to worry about, they can become confused and get it wrong. Creating the correct format of a research paper is just as vital as the content that is included. Your professor may often request their students to give in a research proposal before the final research paper.

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This enables them to be able to grade the paper in more details as they can see exactly where the information came from and how it was developed by the student.

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