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Research paper section

The research paper section is made up for nine sections that are all critical to the success of the essay. Some professors may ask for extra sections, however these are the basis of all research papers. Before beginning a research paper and starting the first research paper section, you must understand the concept of what a research paper is. Look at many other previous papers to get an idea of how yours should look. Once you have done this and chosen your topic, you will be ready to begin. The following instructions are the basis of each research paper section.

  • Cover Page

This page which is also known as the Title page will simply include the title of your research, the institution’s information, your name and any other details that your professor specifies.

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  • Introduction

This section should have a short explanation of the background surrounding your topic. The issue or problem should be addressed and you should mention the possible solutions. The aim and point of the research should be given in the introduction. The thesis statement must also be addressed.

  • Literature Review

This research paper section will discuss the academic readings that you have used for your research paper. Give concise yet informative summaries of each text that you used. Describe what the other authors wrote about and what they found in their research or what their opinions were in their discussion. All literature must be in exact correlation to your own topic as vague similarities will not be sufficient.

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Make sure that all sources are from credible sources such as university libraries, academic journals or academic books. You must include the authors name, the titles and the year of publication.

  • Methodology

The methodology research paper section will explain the method involved in your research. Methodologies can range from surveys and interviews to lab experiments and mathematical calculations.

  • Data Analysis

The data analysis will be the part of the paper where you analyse your data that you accumulated in the methodology. Although there are many different ways of analysing data, the most common way is through SWOT analysis which stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

This is qualitative data analysis. You may also use quantative data analysis depending on what fits your subject the best.

  • Results

After you have conducted your chosen data analysis, you can now present the results that you found.

  • Discussion

In this section you will discuss what you found in your research and what these results mean within the field. You can also discuss what you could ave done differently or what you would do differently if you were to carry out the same research again. Ideas for other related research topics could also be raised. You must put forward the importance of your research study in this part of the paper.

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  • Conclusion

This research paper section will sum up and evaluate the whole research. Briefly restate your thesis, the methodology, data analysis and the results/

  • Reference Page

Here is where you must provide all of the reading materials that you used as sources throughout the paper. Your professor will most probably ask for this to be written in APA 5th, Chicago/Turabian, MLA or Harvard formats. Check which is needed before handing the paper in.

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