Research paper references

Research paper references Research paper references are critical to the success of a student, as reliable and credible references are what make a paper respectable, academic and valid. Good research paper references include ones taken from a student’s university library, peer-reviewed journals, academic textbooks and academic online libraries. Internet sources in particular are hard to validate as academic, so other options are usually preferred.

A research paper must have the structure of an introduction, main body and then a conclusion. If you are writing an extremely detailed research paper or dissertation, you will also have to include a literature review, methodology, results section and a whole section for conclusion.

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Whatever type of research paper it is that you are doing, the research paper references are always needed. Without this, however excellent the paper may be, a student will not be able to pass. The research paper references are in essence the basis of the research and the validation that the material is correct.

The research paper references are what make the comments in the research papers facts rather than simply ambiguous opinions. Without research to support your points, they are of no academic relevance.

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Students must be aware that sites such as Wiki and other random information forums and portals that they may stumble upon online are not credible academic sources. Although the information may be correct, using such sites as research paper references is not enough to be seen as credible. There is no evidence on such sites that the research behind the information is in fact accurate.

Although the information found in Wikis is not credible for an academic research paper, students can scroll down to the bottom of the page and see the sources themselves that were used for the article.

These often are in fact academic and highly accurate sources which students can use themselves. There are many references in this section that are excellent for student’s to find and read themselves.

The format of research paper references is very important. Depending on what your professor specifies, you must format the research paper references in a particular structure. There will be many different guides of how to format papers at your college or university. If you are unsure of what your professor asked for make sure to ask them by email or in class as the format is essential in obtaining a good grade.

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The general outline of research paper references includes the name of the author, date of publishing, the title of the book or article and the name of the publisher.

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