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Research Paper Outline Knowing how to write a good research paper outline is essential for any student to be able to succeed in their final papers. A research paper outline consists of a plan of all the sections and information that is going to be included in a paper. The structure and order of the paper will be shown in the research paper outline. By writing a research paper outline a student will be able to later begin their essay or assignment by already knowing what is going to be presented. This cuts out the panic and worry that can often occur when writing a paper without the preparation.

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A research paper outline will start off by putting together all of the background information surrounding the subject of the paper. This will be the Introduction of the research paper and in the research paper outline it will be entitled 1 or I. This will mark the start of the research paper. This will include the main arguments that are going to be put forward in the paper as well as the thesis statement itself. The research paper outline will then proceed to explain each argument in greater detail.

Part 1/I will then be followed by the preparation for the main body of the research paper.

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This will be the longest and most informative section of the research paper. The length of this part in the research paper outline depends completely on how many points you are planning on making in the research paper itself. Each section must be developed in the main body. If you had chosen to write your paper on poverty in Africa for example and you wanted to explain what the causes are for the African continent being so poor, you may want to raise a number of critical points. These may include one section entitled “Slavery”, another entitled “Corruption within the governments” and the third about “Famine and Farming Conditions”.

Each section will include the main statements and arguments about the subject and this will create a clear plan for when you want to write the essay itself.

Although students are often extremely clear as to what points they want to make, the information itself must also be included in the research paper outline so as to prepare solid and conclusive arguments. All of the discussion points must be mentioned after each title. Although this may feel like a waste of time, writing these points in the research paper outline will prove to be invaluable when you are writing the research paper itself.

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Each section should relate to the thesis and clearly explain the main points that will be included.

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