Research Paper Notes

Research Paper Notes Once a student has identified the thesis statement for his assigned research paper, it is time to start taking copious amounts of research paper notes revolving around this subject. Research paper notes are the foundation of the paper. Sure it would be nice to keep everything locked up in memory, but without notes, there is no possible way to organize thoughts and ideas into a paper that makes sense.

Some students have been taught to take notes on index cards.

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This can be helpful if they can take each idea or thought and expand on it on an individual card. When the student finds supporting documentation about the thought, he can keep all the work cited on that card so that it stays with the main idea. Perhaps each index card will include one idea or point. If the idea needs to be broken down into sub points, another index card can be used and attached to the main point.

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This helps to keep all ideas together. Research paper notes can begin to be overwhelming if kept on one progressive piece of paper. Keeping information about documentation such as author, work cited, page number and where it was found with the specific point helps the student to keep things in order and together.

With the advent of computers, students may find that using electronic note cards will satisfy the same need but for most a hard copy is required in order to physically organize each point and how it needs to fall into place in relation to other points.

Index cards are perfect for this. The outline will be formed on paper and the note cards will be slotted into each of its specific areas. They are all part of the ingenious road map that will help the student begin the actual paper, bulk it out with the research found and finish it off without going off on tangents.

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There is no right or wrong way to take research paper notes. Ultimately it is what works well for each individual. The is no doubt that a well written research paper will be written without notes. This is a given and a necessity. Find what works for you. Plan your work and work your plan and try to do it the same each and every time. This includes the manner in which you make research paper notes.

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