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Research Paper Introduction

Research Paper Introduction A research paper is made up of different parts and each of these parts are as important as the next. The student who has been assigned the task of writing a research paper needs to have a full understanding of each of these parts in order to create a paper in its entirety that meets certain criteria which results in a good grade.

Once the topic has been decided upon, the student will refer to the research paper guidelines that the instructor provided for him. In this guideline it will inform the student of many things.

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Still there will be instructions on the how long the paper is to be, style required, formatting, and outline guidelines. It will also dictate how the research paper introduction should look.

Once the research is underway, the student will begin to enhance the skeleton outline with ideas and information that he wants to be in the research paper. When the outline is completed, the student can begin to concentrate on writing the paper.

The introduction is a very important part of the research paper.

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In this paragraph (and perhaps more if the paper is lengthy) the student will introduce the main crux of the paper and provide the thesis statement for the reader. It is at this time that the reader will be intrigued enough to continue reading or put the paper down because of lack of interest. The writer must capture the reader’s attention by the way he introduces the subject matter in the first part of the paper. In essence, the research paper introduction is the most important aspect of a project because it can make or break the desire of the reader to continue with the paper.

The way that some people prepare an introduction is to write it like an inverted pyramid. This merely means that the research paper introduction begins with general statements and by the time the end of the introduction has been reached, it will have narrowed the topic down to the main heart of the paper itself. The thesis statement will be introduced and ready for the ready to continue reading to gain insight into what supports the central theme of the paper.

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Normally the introduction is one paragraph in length, but with research paper introductions there might be too much material to be covered and the introduction could stretch into two or even more paragraphs. Always keep in mind when forming the introduction that you only get this one chance to make a good impression. If the research paper introduction fails to capture the attention of the reader, all the rest of the paper will have been written in vain because the reader will have lost interest and chosen to not read it at all.

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